Why CISM Might Be the Best Certification You Can Get

The CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) certification is presented by ISACA and is an Information Security certification that highlights on educating the appropriate administrative abilities identified with IT security. The certification is intended for experts who particularly require to center around the administrative part of data security, without basically jumping into the entangled inward workings of different data security ideas.

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The ISACA CISM is a trademark certification designed by the reputable ISACA professional organization. Since its introduction in 2003, the CISM has grown and is now ranked as one of the top five certifications for information security professionals. ISACA has modified from a focus on information security auditing to include Risk, and Compliance (GRC), Governance, and, more recently, cybersecurity.

Let’s takes a closer look at the benefits ISACA CISM certification, the value it gives career security professionals, how it compares with other certifications.

What is ISACA CISM Certification?

The ISACA CISM is a certification designed for information security managers, aspiring managers, or IT consultants who want to build career in information security program management. Applicants had to present proof of eight years of information security work experience. Five of those eight years should have been in the position of information security manager and must be confirmed by an immediate supervisor or someone else of higher position in the organization.

It is not as technical certification like the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) or other higher level SANS Institute certifications. CISM is comprised of four domains: Risk Management, Information Security Governance, and Compliance, Security Program Development and Management, and Information Security Incident Management.

CISM Certification
CISM Certification

This common body of knowledge (CBK) is important for the chief information security officer (CISO) and information security manager. CISM is a vendor-neutral, information security management certification.

Technical information security knowledge specializing in network security, operating systems, penetration studies, encryption, authentication, malware reverse engineering, and other areas of expertise are left to SANS, EC-Council, and others.

Importance of the ISACA CISM Certification

The CISM is of great value to the designation holder. It delivers the message to enterprises hiring information security managers or CISOs that the holder knows risk, incident response, governance, and the information security program. This is proofed by its worldwide acceptance.

Because of the CISM’s emphasis on business and risk management issues involved with information security, it continues to be required — if not desired — certification for CISOs, directors, and managers of information security.

Advantages of CISM Certification

  • Acknowledgment of fulfillment of cutting edge work expertise as expected for a data security proficient
  • Affirms sense of duty regarding calling
  • Gives access to significant assets, for example, peer systems management and thought trade
  • Overall acknowledgment as a data security administrator
  • The accompanying activity titles would coordinate the CISM qualification:

CISM compared to other certifications

The cybersecurity professional can be either very technical or a conventional. Managers can be technical, but they also require to understand the business. Today, we want cybersecurity professionals who can accomplish both technical as well as convenctional work. The CISM — linked with technical designations — fulfills this requirement.

The peculiarity of CISM Certification

  • It right away purveys to the job profile of the Information Security Manager.

Who Should Earn CISM Certification

The professionals who are in the field of service, as mentioned below are qualified to take the exam.

  • IS/IT Auditor
  • IS/IT Consultants
  • IS/IT Audit Managers
  • Security Professionals
  • Non-IT Auditors

CISM Exam Details

CISM Exam covers 4 Information Security Management Areas acknowledged as domains.

  • Domain 1: Information Security Governance (24%)
  • Domain 2: Information Risk Management (30%)
  • Domain 3: Information Security Program Development and Management (27%)
  • Domain 4: Information Security Incident Management (19%)
  • Exam Duration: The duration of the exam is about 4 hours consisiting of 150 multiple-choice questions.
  • Exam Score: As per the rules, the applicant must receive a scaled score of 450/800 or higher to clear the exam.

How to Apply for the CISM Exam?

The latest information about CISM exam is available on the official ISACA website. The exam registration dates, latest guidelines, prerequisites, and all important details for registration, the creation of the account, or information about student membership is available on the site.

Becoming CISM: Best Tips for Certification Exam Success

Renewal of CISM Certification:

The certification can be renewed by presenting the required CPE hours and specified fees.

Summing It Up

There is a burgeoning demand for valuable guidance, credentials, networking, tools, and training for professionals in this rapidly developing field. Cybersecurity is everybody’s business, and we must work together to fill the skills gap and secure our enterprises.

Having a certification does not ensure the certified professional is an expert in the area of information security it incorporates. That, unfortunately, holds, as security managers have all noticed those that have certifications are not always specialists. But without the certification, the non-holder, who is an expert, may never have the opportunity to prove his expertise. Certifications assure that the holder has the foundation — the CBK — for the covered area; it opens doors. ISACA with the CISM certification is presenting that foundation and is satisfying the demand for information security professional certifications, and skilled resources.

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