Want to Excel in Web Application Developer Career? Here’s What You Need to Know

Programming and coding are two things that have a bright future e in the IT industry. In this digital age, every big or small organization working on software and computers, the demand for the programmers is rising with each passing day. Individuals aspiring to establish a career in this field as the need for programmers is also increasing.

Hence to succeed and make your mark in the field, you need to have some distinct certified skills that can place you apart from the others.

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Microsoft is one of the leading organizations that design and presents IT solution. They also offer many certifications for the applicants. One such certification is MCSA: Web Applications.

You need to pass the 70–483 exam to get MCSA: Web Applications certification. If you want to know how to do it and what impacts can it have on your career, you should read this blog.

What is Microsoft 70–483 Certification Exam?

Microsoft 70–483 Programming in C# certification exam is a means to assess the technical as well as theoretical knowledge of the applicants in the C# programming field. Microsoft 70–483 certification exam is geared towards the developers, and all the syllabus topics are based upon C# programming only.

How Can You Pass the 70–483 Exam?


All the applicants who are over the age of 18 years are eligible for Microsoft 70–483 Programming in C# exam. People with some experience in the field of C# programming are given inclination as they can score higher marks in the exam.

Fee of Microsoft 70–483 Programming in C# Exam

The registration or exam cost is approximately $165. The cost of the Microsoft 70–483 exam may differ for different countries according to their currency value. The value shown here is for the USA applicant. The applicants can reappear for the 70–483 exam whenever they want if they do not pass the exam in the first attempt. However, they will require to re-register themselves and pay the fee again.

Some fee relaxation is given to the individuals who are a part of Microsoft or its partner organizations.

Target Audience

The target audience for Programming in C# exam is the professionals who have little experience in the programming of essential business logic for various application types and platforms using C#.

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Apart from these people, the applicants who are presently pursuing their computer science degree can also sit for the Microsoft 70–483 exam. Furthermore, anyone who wants to establish a career in programming or wants to list MCSA: Web Applications certification to their resume is appropriate to apply for 70–483 exam.

Languages Accepted

The Microsoft 70–483 exam can be given in seven languages. These languages include English, German, Portuguese, French, Chinese (Traditional or Simplified) and Japanese.

What is 70–483 Programming in C# Exam Structure?

The exam structure is almost similar for all the Microsoft exam. The applicants are given 40–60 questions. We say 40 to 60 because the number of questions may vary. The exam needs to be completed in 120 minutes. The time can also differ sometimes. The applicants need to score at least 700/1000 in order to pass the exam. All the questions are a multiple-choice question, and the exam is a computer-based exam that takes place in one of the centers of Microsoft.

The 70–483 syllabus primarily comprises four major topics and several minor topics. The major skills that are examined in this exam are:

1. Manage program flow (25–30%)

2. Create and use types (25–30%)

3. Debug applications and implement security (25–30%)

4. Implement data access (25–30%)

All the questions asked from these topics. You need to have thorough practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

Is MCSA: Web Applications Programming in C# Helpful for Your Web Application Developer Career?

Microsoft Programming in C# certification is very valuable for professionals who want to build a successful career in web application. As mentioned above, Microsoft is one of the most esteemed IT company in the world, and this certification is accepted and recognized all across the world. This certification will help you stand out from the group and will get your preferences for job interviews and also salary hike. Additionally, the expertise you acquire from the learning of Microsoft 70–483 certification exam can be employed to serve your clients better if you have your own business.

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