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This decade has been an interesting time to work in information security and cybersecurity field. Both the threat and the security levels’ progress has been a strength with each other. With business converting data-oriented, the value of data is at record-breaking. Several business infrastructures represent yet another threat of data leak or malicious efforts on sensitive data. There has been a 67% rise in security gaps over the last five years. It is foreseen that ransom ware attacks happen every 14 seconds and that cybercrime spoil can expand to $6 trillion by 2021.

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A straight result of all of this comes in the face of a direct growth in investment in the information security field. Organizations are geared up to invest densely in the security standards and are continually looking for professionals skilled at managing such threats.

What is ISC2?

The ISC2- International Information System Security Certification Consortium is an international non-profit cybersecurity and IT security organization, directing research, development, and training in the field. Established in 1988, ISC2 is one of the oldest certification vendors. In this blog, we will precisely explain the benefits of earning CISSP certification: one of the most distinguished certifications in the information security field.

What is CISSP?

Certified Information System Security Professional is a premium certification administered by ISC2. Several aspects promote the reputation of CISSP. CISSP certification requires to have at least 5-years of experience in information security. ISC2 itself consistently try towards retaining the CISSP exam structure renewed with the recent advancements. Another factor that adds to the reputation of CISSP is the requirement to stay updated with all the improvements by renewing the certification every three years.

What Would You Want to Get a CISSP Certification?

CISSP confirms your understanding in information and cybersecurity field. With the prestige and the skill sets obtained during the certification, you get to relish many benefits.

1. Global Acknowledgement:

CISSP is acknowledged as a gold standard in information security field within organizations across the world employing CISSP certified professioanls. Several big organizations like Google, P&G, etc. acknowledge and recognize the certification as well. With CISSP certification, you are considered as a master in the information security field.

2. Permanent Job:

The prevailing situation presents a very persistent stage for professionals establishing their career in information security. The requirement is high, the resources to obtain the skillsets are ample, and there are constant advancements in the approaches. All these aspects linked present great job security and more brilliant career prospects. According to a survey, 80% of people see no difference in their employment status. With the importance of ever-increasing data, there is no sign that the prevailing trend will change in the coming years.

The Importance of CISSP Certification for Cybersecurity Specialists

3. Extremely Renowned:

CISSP is one of the oldest information security certifications and is restrained in great appreciation. Another main reason why CISSP has received such great fame is because of the permanence of ISC2, an organization that continually oversees and attempt to improve the quality of the exam structure and comprising most developed advancements in the certification.

Step By Step Guide to CISSP Certification

4. Extremely Sought-After:

The CISSP certification is taken up by professionals from across 160 countries. This presents a sign of the need for the certification. Cybersecurity and information security have become important in every business domains and organizations in virtually all the business domains are hiring CISSP certified professionals, thus advancing the need for CISSP certified professionals.

5. Higher Inclination:

Professionals are having CISSP acquire a higher inclination when it comes to salary or hike promotion. Having CISSP certification is also a qualifying standard for many job profiles.

6. Higher Pay Scales:

Based on the Global Information Security and Workforce Study, CISSP certified professionals make up to 23% higher salary than their non-certified colleagues. CISSP is ranked as 4th out 15 most paying job.

CISSP Certification: Career Opportunities and Salary Expectations

7. Extremely Helpful:

With the rise in threats, the need for professionals skilled in managing such threats rises. CISSP confirms your understanding and expertise in managing such threats, thus, building your value to the organization. An expanded value is equal to excellent career prospects.

8. Scope of the Roles:

Cybersecurity is a vital part of any organization, with so many teams working on different aspects of cybersecurity. Having a CISSP certification confirms that you are a professional in all aspects of IT security, comprising architecture, management, design, and controls. This significantly expands the scope of the positions that you can undertake.

9. Benefits of Becoming a Member of a CISSP:

Apart from the career benefits described above, there are many benefits that come along with ISC2. A few of them being

i. Discount on ISC2 Education

ii. Free webinars

iii. ISC2 global award program

iv. Networking community

v. Higher standard among your past

vi. Free events

Earning CISSP certification can expand your horizons, confirm that own a certain body of knowledge, and it can open doors for great career opportunities.

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