The Way Anyone Should Prepare for CEH Exam

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a very in-demand certification used by security professionals offered by EC-Council. It is the global leader in the InfoSec certifications. The CEH certification contains different segments. The complete outline of the security modules ranges from an introduction to securing and hacking of web servers.

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In this article, we will go through the tips for passing the CEH exam and complete details for the eligibility criteria.

EC-Council CEH 312–50 Exam Overview

The EC-Council CEH Certification comprises of 125 questions. The duration of the test is 4 hours (240 minutes). The CEH exam cost is $950. You need to create an account at Pearson VUE and register for the exam. You will find more details on the EC-Council official website.

Eligibility Requirements for CHE Certification Exam:

There are two ways to fulfill the CEH exam eligibility requirements:

1. Attend Official CEH Training: This can be in any form, e.g., computer-based training (CBT) or live online training, instructor-led training, as far as the program is approved by EC-Council.

2. Attempt without Official Training: If you want to be eligible for the EC-Council certification exam without attending official training, you must:

  • Possess at least two years of documented information security experience
  • pay a non-refundable eligibility application fee of $100.00
  • Submit completed CEH Exam Eligibility Form including verification from organization
  • After approval EC-Council will email you a voucher number to enroll for the CEH exam

If you do decide to go the unofficial track, you can select from a wide range of network security courses and degrees that affiliate with CEH and other marketable InfoSec certifications.

The EC-Council contacts the references officially through the application form. The average response time for applications is 5–10 days. The EC-Council offers three months for the applications that are approved. After approval, the applicants are expected to purchase their vouchers from the store. The voucher is valid for one year.

Tips and Techniques for CEH 312–50 Certification Exam

The tips listed here will help you pass the 312–50 exam. These have been compiled from experienced professionals and individuals who have passed the CEH exam.

  • Start your study with the blueprint of the CEH exam. The official blueprint page has the essential documents of CEH. These include a handbook, blueprint, eligibility criteria, FAQs for the exam, CEH exam objectives, and exam details.
  • Practice and learn. This will help you increase your hold on topics and will help you strengthen critical thinking skills to answer the multiple-choice questions.
  • Measure your learning with online quizzes and CEH practice exams. Practice will help you measure your preparation and will propose solutions for your weaknesses.
  • Participate in the online CEH community. There are many CEH forums and blogs available where people all across the world share their experiences about the 312–50 exam. Employ the shared knowledge and tips shared on these platforms while acing the actual exam. Some best forums are Tech exams, CEH forum, CCCure forum, and Break the Security.
  • Know what to study. The CEH exam objectives are varying from the intro to topics like cryptography cover an extensive amount of content. To study thoroughly, determine what to study in each topic.
  • Become familiar with the exam. Understanding the exam structure, content, and type of exam is very important.
  • Enroll in the official training course. You can opt for the official training course at the EC-Council website that is authorized in your area. It will help you in preparing for the actual exam. The cost can vary from region to region according to the charging procedures and currency.
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To sum it up, the CEH 312–50 exam is the best method and approach to get any practical as well as theoretical knowledge in the InfoSec area. Preparing for the CEH exam will allow you to get a firm grip and hold on CEH syllabus topics that are important for working out ways to ace the exam accurately. The journey to earning the CEH certification starts with an application procedure. You need to select in between two options for preparing: you can opt for the training (official) from any registered course center, or you can prefer to study individually. At the end of the learning time, you will need to give evidence of your training attendance while you apply for the exam.

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However, if you do not do so, give at least a two-year record for prior experience in information security. If you fail, request for reviewing an application based on educational qualification. Study hard, be dedicated, be focused, plan your study schedule, and learn from appropriate resources. You will pass the CEH exam. Best of luck!!

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