The ISACA CGEIT Certification: Test Taking Tips

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CGEIT is an acronym of ‘’Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT’’ has become a global standard for many successful IT organizations. The certification is awarded by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) to certify a professional’s skill to discuss important issues about governance and strategic alignment.

CGEIT professionals are highly proficient in good IT governance, preventing unexpected security issues, and to deal with any threat that still arises. With little more than 7000 certified CGEIT professionals around the world, it is one of the most sought-after certifications in the information security industry.

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CGEIT Certification is a four hours exam comprising of 150 questions. Applicant must hold five years of experience in professional-level enterprise management (1 year of enterprise IT governance framework and other years in any of the two ISACA CGEIT domains:

What are the requirements for the CGEIT Certification?

  1. Framework for the Governance of Enterprise IT (25%)
  2. Strategic Management (20%)
  3. Benefits Realization (16%)
  4. Risk Optimization (24%)
  5. Resource Optimization (15%)

You can find more information about the five domains on the ISACA website.

>>>> The Ultimate Guide to ISACA CGEIT Certification <<<<

How do you pass the CGEIT exam on the first try?

  • Obtain the official ISACA study guides and third-party books.
  • Create a self-study program that includes all of the CGEIT knowledge domains.

How to Prepare for CGEIT Exam?

1. Choose your Study Resources Wisely

2. Create a study Plan

Plan for Your Exam Date

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ISACA CGEIT Certification: Prepare for Exam like a Pro

Obtain the CGEIT preparation guide

YouTube video lessons

Practice Tests


However, you should make sure you have the proper study material and skills required for the CGEIT certification exam, and you have checked out the preparation process for the exam before even taking the exam. Once you have satisfied these steps, the learning process is all up to you. Just stay healthy and focused on your exam preparation, and hopefully, you’ll be done with the certification exam before you even know it!

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