Steps to Seize Success in Microsoft 70–486 Exam

Before you can achieve success in any endeavor, preparation comes first. The Microsoft 70–486 certification exam is no different. Your success in the exam demands discipline and focus. Many applicants are browsing the Internet looking for the magic tip that will help them pass the certification exam without spending too much time in learning and preparation. If that is what you are seeking, then this article is not for you. The fact is that there is no identified magic tip or a secure way that guarantees you will pass the Microsoft certification exam without much hard work.

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You must understand that the Microsoft 70–486 exam is a challenging and complicated exam that demands 101% preparation and dedication. There is no short cut to success; you need to study hard to pass the exam. You do not have to be afraid, though; other applicants have written and passed this exam with a good score, so you have the potential also to pass it. This is the intention to write this article: What you require to do to pass your certification exam in one go.

One fact that must be confirmed upfront is that your success is much dependent on your strategic preparation. Many candidates spend months preparing for their tests and still conclude up failing the exam. If you fall in that category, you are apparently scoffing at the idea of preparation being the only determining factor of your success. Well, the preparation is qualified; it is a vital preparation. It would help if you were decisive about your preparation. In this article, we shared with you the steps you should take to have a thorough preparation for your Microsoft 70–486 certification exam.

4 Steps to Seize Success in Microsoft 70–486 Exam

Step 1: Know the MCSD 70–486 Objectives of the Exam:

This step is perhaps the most important of all the things you need to do in your preparation. It is the first thing you required to do before you start studying for your exam. You need to know what the exam objectives are. The purpose of understanding the goals is to understand what you are studying for. The exam objectives reveal to you what the examiner will be looking for during the exam and the topics that you need to concentrate on. The detailed exam objectives for the Microsoft 70–486 certification exam can be found here.

Step 2: Obtain Resource Books:

Resource books for the certification exams are a very significant part of the preparation. You might not be much into reading a lot of books. However, for the sake of passing your exam, you should spend your money and time in purchasing and reading some appropriate study material. You can start by reading the official resource book from Microsoft on the 70–486 certification exam. You can also go thorough Professional ASP.NET MVC-4, which is an outstanding book that will ease your exam preparation. You cannot afford to rely on only free resources to prepare for your exam.

Step 3: Explore Microsoft Virtual Academy

This is an official platform offered by Microsoft, where applicants can get excellent training videos for free. It indicates you do not have to pay to access the considerable resources available on this platform. The Microsoft Virtual Academy is a vital part of your exam preparation, and if you are not willing to spend in video training online, then you should be able to get some helpful and appropriate resource video training from this site. Before you can access this platform, you will be needed to create a Microsoft account.

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Step 4: Online Resources

The Internet is packed with several resources that will help you prepare for the MCSD 70–486 exam efficiently. Some of the resources are free, and some are only available when you pay for them. To begin, you can take a peek into the free resources to become familiarized with the various interpretations of the course materials for the Microsoft 70–486 exam.


You have what it needs to be successful in your Microsoft certification exam. You just need to dedicate your time and be determined to pass the exam. Create a study plan and follow it in your preparation. Do not wait till few weeks to your exam before you start taking crash courses. Settle down and study well to experience the success you so much craved for.

Take practice tests to prepare for the Microsoft 70–486 exam. Practice tests make you familiar with the exam structure and the topics where you will be measured during the actual examination.

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