Steps to MTA 98–366 Certification Success

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The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) proves building-block technology concepts and supports aspirants discover, explore, and build successful careers in Information Technology (IT) in an interesting and lucrative way! As the first step in the Microsoft Technology Certification category, this new, entry-level certification equips aspirants with the confidence, credibility, and distinction while emphasising on the knowledge needed for the 98–366: MTA Networking Fundamentals Exam.

MTA 98–366 Exam Details

MTA Networking Fundamentals 98–366 Exam Objectives

  • Understanding network infrastructures (30–35%)
  • Understanding network hardware (20–25%)
  • Understanding protocols and services (40–45%)

What preparation Options can You Use?

As an applicant, you have to know what is expected of you.

This is workable only upon two conditions:

  • You should know how to make study schedule and which resources are appropriate to use.
  • The completion of this task will help you perceive all the material you require for the 98–366 exam right on time.

Use the Microsoft website to get a precise picture of what you require to cover during your study. Once you satisfy the first statement by administering your time and efforts for all the topics, you will know how to tackle the questions during the exam.

Thus, this will direct you to the part, which will come along — the search for practical preparation ways. We can make this path easy for you and equip you with relevant resources that will help you.

They include:

Just use the study materials above, and you will not have to look for the proper information or run into the unauthentic one.

Why the Microsoft 98–366 Exam is Popular?

With the growing demand for internet services, so many telecommunication organizations are being set up around the world. They will need to hire many people. If you are MTA certified, this will save them money and time in training you. Given a choice between a certified person and non-certified, the decision is pretty clear.

Getting MTA Networking Fundamentals certification is your golden key to MTA certifications. Moreover, it also enables you to seek promotions at work and grow in your career. If you want to go up in rank, you cannot miss this chance to earn your certification. Many people know this, and this is the 98–366 exam that is so popular.

What Job Roles can You Pursue?

  • Systems Administrator
  • Windows Server Security Specialist
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Network Engineer
  • Systems Security Specialist
  • Infrastructure Engineer

According to the information on Indeed, the salary for the above job titles can go up to $120,000 per year.


This Microsoft 98–366 exam will advance your career, and you need to give it a real preparation it demands. There is nothing that you can achieve well without thorough learning and hard work, and the same goes for this exam. Give your best and expect the best, and other way around.

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