Smart Tips to Ace Check Point CCSA Certification Exam

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Check Point Security Administration R80.30 gives an understanding of the fundamental concepts and skills required to configure Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades. During this Check Point certification, you will configure a Security Policy and find out about managing and tracking a secure network, configuring a Security Gateway, and executing a virtual private network.

Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) is intended for administrators who require to maintain everyday operations of Check Point Software Blades and Management systems. Check Point Certifications approves your expertise on the technology that is utilized by Checkpoint to protect big fortune 500 and global organizations.

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Targeted Audience for Check Point CCSA Certification

  • Security managers
  • System administrators
  • Support Analysts
  • Network engineers
  • Anyone seeking CCSA certification

Skills Acquired from Check Point CCSA Certification

This certification gives knowledge of how to

  • Support your Security Gateway and Management Server
  • Develop, analysis and troubleshoot a grouped Security Gateway
  • Update and troubleshoot a Management Server
  • Configure and manage security acceleration solutions
  • Maintain, test and improve corporate VPN tunnels

How to Prepare for Check Point CCSA Certification Exam?

Passing a Check Point exam is not a cakewalk. You require to have profound tactics to pass this Check Point exam. This article will give you a perception of Check Point CCSA exam preparation tips.

Understand Your Check Point CCSA Syllabus

Understanding the CCSA R80 exam syllabus for the exam is the primary step towards CCSA exam preparation. Splitting the time for your exam is only possible if you understand the syllabus. You, therefore, can check the area of your strength and then allow the time needed accordingly for each topic.

CCSA Exam Syllabus Topics:

  • Introduction to Check Point Architecture
  • Security Policy Management
  • Check Point Security Solutions
  • Traffic Visibility
  • Basic Concepts of VPN
  • Managing User’s Access
  • Working with Cluster XL
  • Administrator Task Implementation
  • SmartEvent Reports

Time Management

You have 90 minutes to attempt 90 questions. Therefore knowing the exam structure adds to your skill of solving the questions more quickly.

Make Short Notes

Remembering and revising before the actual exam is important for the applicants for thorough performance. This can be done by making short notes while studying for the exam. Going through them just a day before the exam will ensure that you learn all that you have made that will increase your confidence in attempting the exam.

Practice Tests

This is the most crucial step in the CCSA exam preparation. Many online platforms offer practice tests for CCSA 156–215.80 exam so you can select from one or more to measure your learning. The practice tests are an excellent way to support your Check Point Certified Security Administrator exam preparation.

Explain Exam Topics to Others

You can try group studies to share information and promote studying. Take advantage in preparation by explaining your answers to the questions to them. This will not only help you in remembering the things faster but also it can point out any weak topic in which you are lacking & require more hard work.

Take Care of Your Health

It becomes quite important to keep a healthy lifestyle even if you’re left with generous or less time for the Check Point CCSA exam. Begin with good breakfast, healthy lunch & a light dinner as it will keep your mind attentive and energetic throughout the day. Try to stay away from processed food like sugary drinks, fatty junk food.

These are some of the exam study tips to help you score better in your CCSA R80 exam. So, avoid stress & begin acing every single minute.

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