Reap the Benefits of CIW Certification

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The CIW (Certified Internet Web Professional) program is the world’s fastest-growing vendor-neutral Internet certification for the knowledge economy. More than a certificate or a curriculum publisher, CIW is a Web technology standard approved by governments, academic institutions, and businesses around the world. CIW comprises applications and skills, but the core curriculum of CIW certification emphasizes on the basic standards that maintain the framework of IT, i.e., Web design, networking, security, administration, databases, and enterprises.

Benefits of CIW Certification

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Take Your Career Beyond with CIW Certification

Earning a CIW certification brings great rewards. Many applicants have experienced tremendous success in their lives or careers after successfully passing CIW certification exams.

Some Benefits of Earning CIW Certification

  • Add industry-approved certifications to your resume.
  • Reinforce your salary and job responsibilities.
  • Distinguish yourself from colleagues and progress within your organization.
  • Retain your skills updated in the developing technology world.

CIW certifications benefit both individuals and organizations. For individuals, professional certification is an entry point to career opportunities and development. For organizations, the certificate is a way to decrease hiring and training expenses and create a competently skilled team. Without these benefits, all organizations waste money and time with development faults, misdirected skills, and hiring constraints.

Benefits of CIW certification for Individuals

  • Prove to employers an individual’s IT job skills in different disciplines and at multiple levels of improvement.
  • Offer a basic measurement of job skills.
  • Allow the transferability of these job skills within the enterprise.
  • Ensure the benchmark for advancement within an organization.

Benefits of CIW Certification for Organizations

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The CIW Certification: Overview and Career Path
  • Help organizations ensure that employees are well-versed in the job skills required for satisfying the organization’s requirements.
  • Guide organizations to employ industry-sanctioned best practices.
  • Lessen training expenses.
  • Provide the organization with a standardized guideline for hiring, screening, and promoting employees within an organization.
  • Develop a framework to fulfill workforce necessities employing public/private partnerships among academic institutions and organizations.
  • Allow organizations to stand out in the marketplace and to clients and suppliers.

Who Should Obtain a CIW Certification?

College-Bound High School Students

Employment Seeking High School Students

Looking to Career Transition

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Business Professionals

Seasoned and Certified IT Professionals

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