Programming in C# 70–483 Certification: In-Depth Guide [2020]

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Being a web developer is a job profile that many IT professionals desire to own. It’s an extraordinary position to be in, but the truth is that paving the path of such an exciting profession isn’t a cakewalk. You’ll need to spend long days of constant studying and acute learning, after which passing relevant certification exams and getting finally certified is needed. This way, one of the exams you must take into account passing before successfully becoming a hardware and software developer is the Microsoft Programming in C# 70–483 exam.

To help you, this guide will take you through the C# certification exam details and expose ways and tips to competently prepare for and pass it.

Why Should You Take and Pass Microsoft Programming in C# 70–483 Exam?

Moreover, the exam also stands for a prerequisite for another well-elaborated MCSA: Universal Windows Platform certification focusing on Universal Windows Platform apps. Exam 70–483 is one of two required exams to pass, to obtain the certification. With the other exams being Microsoft Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (70–480) and Microsoft Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications (70–486).

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How Can Passing Microsoft 70–483 Exam Be Useful for Your Career

So, to pass this reinforcing Microsoft 70–483 exam, making you an expert in two fields at once, you will require the strong practical experience of not less than one year of programming. Precisely, you should be able to utilize C# language to program necessary business logic targeted at different application types. Other areas of highlight would be software and hardware devices. These are the topic areas you must study and master before taking the exam:

Microsoft 70–483 Exam Objectives

  • Create and use types
  • Debug applications and implement security
  • Implement data access

Microsoft Programming in C# 70–483 Structure and Other Important Details

Microsoft 70–483 exam questions type is such as best answer, short answer, review screen, case studies, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, and active screen are among items to be covered in the question paper. You’ll have to get a score of 700 points out of 1000 to qualify. The cost of 70–483 Programming in C# certification exam is $165.

The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft 70–483 Exam

Read: Understanding the Microsoft Programming in C# (70–483) Certification

It is meant to help you find out how to prepare for the exam and receive only excellent results while comprising materials you can use for improving your command over the exam content.

Do not hesitate to explore the reliable resources below you can use to acquire knowledge and skills for the exam and also, to get ready to become the top web application developer.

Microsoft Official Resources: Microsoft Expert-Led Course in Programming in C#

Firstly, you are going to understand how to register for this valuable Microsoft Programming in C# exam and what topics are covered in this exam.

In a precise way, Microsoft expert-led course in programming in C# with a code of 20483C gives you a complete insight into the objectives the exam is likely to include. Its instructors are qualified specialists on the subject, that’s why you can depend on this course for your exam preparation. Furthermore, the Microsoft Learning page also gives you suggestions on different exam preparation resources to utilize.


Microsoft Learning Community

Microsoft Publication for 70–483: Exam Reference

To enhance your theoretical preparation, here comes the Microsoft reference book on programming in C# that will teach you how to become an expert in this field. It helps you improve analytical reasoning skills that will greatly assist in your exam and later, at your proposed working place.

Microsoft Programming in C# 70–483 Practice Tests

Reasons to Take Practice Tests

  • Microsoft 70–483 exam questions included in practice tests measure your knowledge of exam objectives
  • In-depth result history strengthens the material
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  • Study Mode includes all objectives assuring topics are included
  • Timed environment prepares applicants for exam taking environment

Other Key Factors to Keep in Mind for Programming in C# 70–483


Passing exam 70–483 is undoubtedly worth putting your hard work, money, and time. It’s because you’re a bit closer to achieving an MCSA Web Applications certification, which is quite a rare pearl in the current Microsoft certification program. So, find your way to concretize all your career objectives with your very own Microsoft certification! Use the tips given in this article, to pass 70–483 exam and take advantage of practice tests to boost your confidence at the exam.

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