Prepare for Microsoft 70–767 Exam: Quick Tips to Pass

Microsoft is an internationally popular IT corporation that confirms professionals with IT certifications. However, to be granted any certification, an individual has to pass one or many exams. The MCSA 70–767 exam is part one of two exams that are intended to award professionals with the MCSA SQL 2016 BI Development certification.

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MCSE 70–767 exam measures the applicants’ knowledge and skills in executing a data warehouse using SQL. There are many topics that are professionally created to equip you with basic skills. The distinct topics are as below:

  • Design, implement and maintain a data warehouse (35–40%)
  • Extract, transform and load data (40–45%)
  • Build data quality solutions (15–20%)

It is essential to have an appropriate organization and designing when preparing for any exam. Therefore, efficient studying can be done in different ways. Here are some you can choose for:

  • Completing four free online edX courses that are advised by Microsoft.
  • Take MCSA 70–767 practice tests.

5 Top Tips to Pass MCSA 70–767 Certification Exam

Now it is time to pass your exam with an excellent score. There are many techniques you can to prepare for the MCSA 70–767 exam, but which are the best methods? This article has certainly described you with the 5 top tips that you can carry out and pass your exam easily.

Preparing thoroughly involves scheduling your revision and learning from the useful materials that are convenient.

There are many preparation options. However, you must recognize your best option before you even start preparing. Some people favor studying from video tutorials while others opt for traditional books or study guides. For that, you can check the most reliable and trusted platform and get the material to study or measure your knowledge.

Truthfully, we cannot forecast the difficulty-level of the exam. As applicants, we should consider everything for the appropriate preparation. Here are the steps that can help you to be well-prepared:

  • A study from the Microsoft 70–767 official study guide
  • Take an appropriate training course
  • Go for as many 70–767 practice tests as possible
  • Internalize the already studied concepts

Even after all the dedication and hours of practice, there may be a question that takes you by astonish. Microsoft clearly declares that the questions may assay on, but are not restricted to, the topics which have been outlined in the MCSE 70–767 exam syllabus topics. Use the elimination method, confining the options to the possible right answer.

Do not overanalyze it. In the Microsoft certification exam world, there are no random answers. Go in with a mentality that there is either the best or the correct answer. You can use the data in the question to make your decision.

Reasons for Taking Microsoft 70–767 Certification Exam

This highly-appreciated certification is designed to measure your Office 365 skills. After the successful completion of the exam, you will have the basis to compete for a higher job profile. Apart from confirming your knowledge and skills, the exam gives you an opportunity to promote your resume through a certification that you’ll earn. In a few words, this is why you should pass 70–767 exam:

1. It’s an indication of mastery of the needed skills.

2. Earning the Microsoft MCSA: Office 365 certification allows you to chase further advanced goals in IT and not to end until you obtain the results.

3. It acts as a ladder to a desired technical job position such as a cloud application administrator, SaaS administrator, and application support specialist.

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4. Management and colleagues will have faith in your expertise, and you’ll become a skilled specialist to deal with difficult tasks while giving quality solutions.

5. According to the Microsoft statistics, the Office 365 Administrator in the US makes annually up to $62.500 at the entry-level, $82.500 at the middle level, and $95.100 at the senior level. So you’ll come closer to the top salary level.

6. It will give you the opportunity to enhance your skills and become certified in the MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert by passing one more exam.


Therefore, assure that you work through the entire list of skills aligned before taking your Microsoft exam. It does not matter how you prefer to study for this exam but do it. With the prep materials, you will not only be prepared for the exam, but you will be assured that you have the skills required to execute a Data Warehouse on SQL Server appropriately in the actual world.

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