Practical Application of CompTIA Server+ Certification

Certifications allow aspirants to gain workforce-ready skills. Individuals are prepared for a job upon completion and own the skills that managers are looking for. Employers value professionals who vigorously seek opportunities to strengthen their skills and expertise.

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If you plan on specializing in a specific IT area, you should look into your options and figure out what types of certifications are available. Achieving a certification lets organizations know that you have the drive and focus on being an expert in your preferred area of expertise. CompTIA is one of the leading IT certification providers. They have various certifications for almost any IT domain that you can think of. Let’s dive into some of the benefits of earning the Server+ Certification.

Practical Application of CompTIA Server+ Certification

Now more than ever, server administrators are in high demand. Professionals with competence in network-attached storage, virtualization, security, and troubleshooting skills are in demand and compensated competitively. With most infrastructure shifting to the cloud, a new world of IT has moved more outward. For those that know how to rapidly create and deploy servers, manage them as well as keep them secure from attacks. The Server+ certification will give you the expertise to translate business standards for hardware into a living, breathing solution.

Job Qualifications

Some jobs are now expecting applicants to have a Server+ Certification because it lets prospective organizations know that you have the skills and perseverance it takes to carry out the job efficiently. Some positions include Network & Systems Virtualization Engineers, Systems Administrators, Systems Engineers, VMWare Systems Engineer, and Windows Server Engineer, to list a few. Since the Server+ Certification is platform-independent, you will be competent to work at any of these positions.

It also is acknowledged throughout the world, so if you love to travel, the opportunities are infinite. The things you will learn with this certification are more appropriate for Server and Virtualization Administrators and Engineers, but don’t let this hinder you from achieving a new certification. New names in server technology are constantly being added to the list.

How CompTIA Server+ Certification Benefits You?

Earning the Server+ certification will confirm you have the expertise to maintain, build, support and troubleshoot server hardware and software. You will be qualified to deliver exceptional and perfect server solutions. It lets managers know that you can expand and upgrade server hardware and storage devices.

Will Becoming a CompTIA Server+ Certified Help You?

You will also be able to install network operating systems and make them all work together to form a complete network solution. Troubleshooting server and network problems, and also issues concerning virtualization and cloud will also be the tools and tricks of your toolkit.

CompTIA Server+ Exam Requirements

Server+ certification was initially developed in 2001 and was later updated in 2005 and then in 2009. CompTIA’s recommendations regarding Server+ comprise that the applicants should have18 to 24 months of experience corresponding to Industry Standard Server Architecture (ISSA) technology and a CompTIA A+ certification, though this is not an official pre-requisites in any way. The latest Server+ certification exam is known as SK0–004, and the exam consists of 100 questions which have to be attempted within 90 minutes. The passing score on a scale of 100–900 is 750. The exam is currently available in English language only and costs $319 for each attempt. CompTIA members can also avail discounts.

The Server+ certification has the benefit of Lifetime validity and also in the combined forms of A+/Network+, A+/Server+, or with Security+ certifications, It also works as an elective exam for Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification.

CompTIA Server+ Syllabus Syllabus Topics

The latest version of the Server+ certification exam was developed to address the advancements in the server technology field that have taken place since the last exam version of 2005. The latest edition of the Server+ certification known as the Server+ SK0–004 exam includes the following six domains of expertise:

  • System Hardware
  • Software
  • Storage
  • IT Environment
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Troubleshooting

What Are the Steps to Becoming Server+ Certified?

Being prepared to write the Server+ exam demands equal measures of studying, practicing and understanding the material that you are studying from. Many of the fundamental concepts that you will learn in the Network+ will stay with you throughout your career, so understanding your study material is essential.

To measure your learning, you need to take practice tests. Practice tests allow you to replicate the exam scenario with much tougher questions for you to solve.

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