PK0-004 Exam: Best Sample Questions for CompTIA Prjoct+

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What Is the PK0-004 Exam?

The PK0-004 exam, CompTIA Project+ certification is a vendor-neutral credential. The PK0-004 exam certifies the knowledge and skills of professionals in all the domains of project management. CompTIA PK0-004 certification validates a candidate’s ability to manage, initiate, and support a project or business initiative.

Who Is Eligible to Take the PK0-004 Exam?

There is no guidelines fixed for taking the PK0-004 exam. Any person who wants to make a career in the field of project management is free to take the exam. But if a candidate has the experience of taking part in small or medium-sized projects for one or more years that is highly appreciated.

Overview of the PK0–004 Exam:

The Project+ exam consists of 95 questions. The time duration for the exam is 90 minutes. A candidate needs to score minimum of 710 marks to pass the PK0-004 exam.

How to Pass the PK0–004 Exam?

Know about the Syllabus:

Before you plan a schedule, try to know about the complete syllabus of PK0-004 exam.

Set a Study Schedule for PK0-004:

Depending on the syllabus keep aside daily time for study. Read about the syllabus topics you want to cover. After you complete whole syllabus, take useful practice exams to evaluate your preparation.

What Are Your Roles If You Work as a Project Manager?

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Skills You Learn after PK0-004 Certification Exam:

You Learn to Handle PROJECT BASICS with PK0-004 Exam:

The exam teaches you to summarize the properties of project, phases, and schedules.You become aware of your roles and responsibilities, learn the method of cost controls, as well as identifying the basic aspects of you learn about Agile methodology and its identification method.


After the PK0-004 certification, you start understanding appropriate communication methods. The knowledge you gain influences and used in change control methods within the context of particular projects.

THe Project+ certification Tutors to PROJECT TOOLS & DOCUMENTATION in Different Projects:

You become able to Compare and contrast various project management tools and analyze project and partner-centric documentations.

Final Words about CompTIA Project+ Certification Pk0–004:

If you pass the PK0-004 exam and become a Certified Project+ professional, you would earn the necessary skills to effectively plan and implement IT projects. CompTIA Project+ is considered to be a stepping stone for other certifications in the field of Project Management.

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