Microsoft 70–767 Exam and Several Basic Tips to Prepare for It

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Since its origin, technology has upended different aspects of life. Business methods have become easy as they are mainly mechanical. Thus, data can be transferred quickly, and transactions are carried out online require just a few minutes. Computers today help make most business decisions for corporations and even enhance their outcomes. However, computers cannot work without data.

By analyzing data and presenting it in the leaner manner possible, important decisions are made. That’s what Business Intelligence(BI) is all about. Many people have qualified themselves across this domain, but no one can be compared to the MCSA 2016 SQL BI certified professional. To obtain this certification, one needs to do two exams,namely the Microsoft 70–767 and Microsft 70–768. In this article, we will explain how you can be accurately prepared for the Microsoft 70–767 exam.

The certification exam is a very difficult one, and you must give it all you have to be successful at your first try. You need to commit your time and other resources, and you must also have to create a study schedule to get the best of your studying time. To help you with this, we have noted several key tips that you can straightaway put in action to start preparing for your exam.

This is a very powerful method because it doesn’t allow the learning to become remarkable. You don’t have to study for 6–7 hours in one go if you are not used to such things. I think with everything you required to do in every other area of your life, dedicating seven full hours to your study is impractical. Well, you can disagree with this statement, but the truth is that it is more efficient to break up your study time into small sessions. Try studying for 30–40 minutes every day instead of 7 hours at a stretch over the weekend and see which method is more effective. With short study periods, you get to focus on your materials and then move to other things. Studying in small sessions also helps you understand the information swiftly and easily.

This demands discipline and commitment. You will gain more if you have a particular time during the day when you can have your short study. This helps you to remain focused and determined to get your preparation done daily. Of course, you have so many things to do at work, family responsibilities, social life, and much more. These responsibilities should help you to find a specific study time because if you are not careful, you will get taken away by other things and overlook the study. You don’t have to be at home to study for the Microsoft 70–767 exam. For example, if you take a long ride to work every day, you can study during the journey. You can also prefer to study during lunchtime at work or at any time suitable for you. The bottom line is that you must set a specific time to do your study every day.

Rather than reading the SQL book repeatedly, you might want to create your flashcards on essential topics. Flashcards will help you study anywhere and at any moment. Creating a flashcard in the first place will help you study and memorize significant points of the various exam topics. When utilizing flashcards, you don’t have to take your books wherever you go. You can make your own flashcards or can take some help from online communities. Many flashcards have been created for MCSE 70–767 certification exam that you can avail straight from websites.

It is advised that you plan your study in such a way that you can concentrate on particular topics while you study. Do not read all the topics at the same time. Focus on each item and assure that you understand it completely before you proceed to the next topic. This will stop you from reading over the same topic twice, while some others are still unexplored.

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You will come across difficult terms while studying, but the best way to explain it is to draft notes using your own words. After reading through a topic, make a note in easy terms about the important points of what you have read. Apart from simplifying the topic, it also helps you know if you understand the topic you have learned. With your notes, you can easily refresh a specific topic without significantly having to go over the complete resource material.

Make this your concluding form of preparation. Microsoft 70–767 SQL Server helps you become familiar with the exam structure and how to answer the questions. It also helps you perceive your level of readiness for the exam. With the use of 70–767 practice tests, you can evaluate yourself and figure out which areas require more focus. By answering several practice test questions, you increase your confidence level and acquire time management skills. There are many platforms that offer practice tests, which you can access online.


Studies have shown that studying with music can result in decreased focus. It is therefore suggested that you turn off the music while studying for this exam. The Microsoft Implementing a Data Warehouse using SQL 70–767 exam demands all your concentration and attention.

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