Meeting Today’s Technical Support Challenges with CompTIA A+

In today’s world, organizations must assure the security of their systems. In this digital era, organizations are more inclined to cyber-attacks. Organizations need to defend their worthy assets from the increasing number of threats. No surprise, businesses demand IT professionals with proficiency in networking and security.

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Here in this article, we will explain why CompTIA A+ certification is important for IT professionals to help organization function seamlessly. But before we move ahead, let us understand what CompTIA A+ certification is.

What is CompTIA A+ certification?

CompTIA A+ certification confirms fundamental yet essential IT skills. That’s why organizations must provide training to their IT professionals for this certification — they can outpace their competitors.

To get CompTIA A+ certification, your IT professionals need to pass two exams. Both of these exams are focused on different aspects of an IT job role:

CompTIA A+ 220–1001:

It comprises the knowledge of the most advanced PC hardware, networking, troubleshooting, and developing technologies. It also highlights system memory and storage devices, emphasizing on computer gaming systems and knowledge of 3D printing.

CompTIA A+ 220–1002:

This certification equips you with the skills to update operating systems, such as Windows 7, 8, and 10. It also includes the knowledge required to update restrictions for older systems, and it highlights topics such as security to assess the applicant’s understanding of cyber-attacks.

How is CompTIA A+ Certification Beneficial for Your Career?

CompTIA A+ certification itself works as a symbol of expertise for. But this certification comes along profound knowledge and skills of the IT field. After becoming certified, your IT professionals will can:

  • Support essential IT infrastructure, high-level device connectivity troubleshooting, basic networking, and endpoint management.
  • Maintain and configure mobile, PC, and other IoT tools. This involves peripherals and connectors and component.
  • Fundamental security skills that involve solving privacy concern, identifying and removing malware, etc.
  • All these skills will help you in the actual installation and configuration of hardware, operating systems, etc. It will be important for the stable workflow of your organization in the long term.

CompTIA A+ Exam Preparation

Being A+ certified will boost your expertise in exploring your future IT career to a significant extent. So, learn all the CompTIA A+ syllabus topics in detail. Luckily, there are many learning resources available to study for this exam. Here are some guidelines to help you prepare for the CompTIA A+ exam.

1. Understand the CompTIA A+ Exam

To start your preparation for the CompTIA A+ exam, you first need to understand the exam syllabus. This will also help to plan your study schedule. The syllabus topics present the updated objectives or domains included in the exam, along with their corresponding percentage of given questions.

2. Obtain Study Guide

For a self-paced study, obtain A+ Certification Study Guide offered by the CompTIA for relatively similar exam content. Also, learn from the CompTIA e-books for further reference. Answer several practice tests, especially those with performance-oriented questions, to evaluate your learning.

3. Take Practice Tests

Taking practice tests is an excellent way to polish your skills and further improve your grip on the topics you have learned. Practice tests allow you to replicate the exam environment with more difficult questions for you to answer. They will also help you learn how to manage your time in the actual exam.

4. Participate in Online Community

Apart from the study guide and taking practice tests, communicating with past and fellow applicants, explicitly or implicitly, is also a basic way of preparing for the exam. Learn from their perceptions and experiences. You can also share your knowledge as well as tips and suggestions to help each other! You can find many online communities, blogs, and forums, etc. on various platforms.

5. Master the skills

Understand what you are studying to be able to master the basic concepts. By practicing, you can develop a strategy and give sufficient time in answering the exam questions. Also, familiarize yourself with the technical terms and vocabulary to be able to understand the questions accurately.

During the exam day, be confident and don’t panic. When reading the questions, look for clues or keywords and make relevant conclusions in the options provided. Don’t spend too much time in answering the questions you find difficult. Skip to those comparatively answerable ones but make sure to answer it back once you’re done. Do not leave questions unanswered.

Excellent Career Opportunities are Waiting for You!!!

CompTIA A+ certification is so pleasing to the eyes of top private technology organizations and public sectors. Many companies that demand the A+ certification are Dell, Intel, HP, Nissan, and RICOH. Gaining the A+ certification guarantees you with the appropriate skills for different IT job roles. In particular, you are more qualified to take on jobs like field service technician, support specialist, help desk tier 2 support, and desktop support analyst.

IT Success Stories Start with CompTIA A+ Certification

Earning the A+ certification gives potential IT professionals a higher level of confidence, integrity, higher salaries, better career opportunities, and even extension towards other certifications.

CompTIA A+ certification will help you establish your career in technical support, help/service desk, desktop support, networking, web development, or IT security. The A+ certification is an excellent foundation to build your IT career on, which is the key.

Hope, this article has presented you with the most important key points on how to and why become CompTIA A+ certified.

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