MCSA Web Application Certification to Help Advance Your Career

Apart from its prominent reputation as an advanced software producer, the Microsoft Corporation also recognized for an IT certifications’ vendor giving thousands of robust certifications. Professionals with various skill sets can find a certification to gain or track to follow. Microsoft Certifications are globally acknowledged to foster their owners’ careers, especially when it comes to web application development and other essential aspects of technology.

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Moreover, Microsoft has played a massive role in assuring professionals are getting top knowledge and hands-on skills through qualifying exams such as Microsoft 70–486, which is aimed at the highly-rated MCSA Web Applications certification.

What Is MCSA Web Applications 70–486 Exam About?

Here, 70–486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications is an exam that is needed to obtain the designated associate-level certification. To go for Web Applications, applicants should pass either 70–480 or 70–483 exam first, and then proceed to exam 70–486.

The Microsoft 70–486 exam is best suited for individuals with the background knowledge of IT or those with some MTA-level certification. It is recommended for applicants to be familiar with Microsoft Azure Web Apps as well as have at least three years of experience in using ASP.NET MVC model in developing web applications.

Mainly, the skills measured in the exam involve designing and developing a user experience, concepts of web applications’ troubleshooting and debugging, application and deployment architecture as well as security design and implementation.

After the successful passing of this certification, applicants can move further and try to achieve the next-level MCSD: App Builder certification.

How MCSA Web Application 70–486 Certification Can Boost Your IT Career

Higher Earnings

If you already have a job, it may be an excellent opportunity to receive better salaries. Opting for Microsoft 70–486 exam and passing it means securing a new certification, which can be beneficial to get a promotion or claim for higher wages.

As a result, professionals with MCSA Web Applications certification are qualified to receive an annual salary ranging from $49,000 to $113,000!

Increases Possibilities of Getting Decent Job

With the prevailing high rates of unemployment, it is hard to get yourself a working place without a certification. People who state to be qualified are flooding the job market; herewith, there is no way to check who is genuinely certified and who is not. With this exam, you’ve got the upper hand over those who do not hold any authentic certification. Also, this works as proof for your dormant employer that you are enthusiastic about whatever you do. Owning the MCSA Web Applications certification, you can apply for such job positions as a web developer or a web administrator.

Keep Your Skills Up to Date

Taking a Microsoft exam is not just to pass and earning a certificate. There is a lot more than that, namely, developing their knowledge and skills while studying. All the learning process for this exam are meant to make you more competent and productive in the IT field.

With it, be aware of the various vendor-elaborated options like self-paced training on the Microsoft learning platform that offers different learning modules, or take from instructor-led preparation with standard prep video. Hence, you will be able to utilize the latest technology to keep up with the trends emerging every day.

Microsoft Community Support

Here is another learning path with a Microsoft professionals team that has a brave reputation as to their products and certifications. So, holding one of their certifications is appropriate for any professional status. To prove it, Microsoft can also validate that your certifications are valid, and you own the skills you require to have.

Added Credibility

Companies will surely have confidence in you when you are accordingly skilled and qualified to carry out the responsibilities correctly. For this, they will need to prove that you are credible and own a genuine certification. Moreover, your team leader will be more confident in your work because of such an outstanding qualifying document like MCSA Web Applications.

How to make yourself completely prepared for MCSA 70–486 Exam?

With the background on the sidelines, let’s glance at the ways you can take to prepare and pass Microsoft 70–486 at your first try.

1. Read through the Microsoft 70–486 Exam Syllabus:

Reading through the exam objectives is the most important one before you begin your study for the 70–486 certification exam. You must first read and understand the exam syllabus topics.

They let you know what to study and guide you through your choice of resources. Without reading the topics, there is a high chance that you will study irrelevant materials for your test. So, what is the point in studying for the exam in the first place if you don’t consider the appropriate, relevant materials?

Read: Steps to Seize Success in Microsoft 70–486 Exam

The exam objectives that you need to study during preparation for your Microsoft 70–486 include designing, developing, implementing, and troubleshooting of the following:

  • Design the application architecture
  • Design the build and deployment architecture
  • Design the User Experience
  • Develop the User Experience
  • Troubleshoot and Debug Web Applications
  • Design and Implement Security

Each of the topics has a list of subtopics that split them into substantial components that the applicants should understand before sitting for the exam. You can find the particular subjects and subtopics within the ‘Skills Measured’ section on the certification page.

It would help if you took the time to understand each of the topic areas to know what you will be measured during the exam.

2. Obtain the Best Preparation Materials:

After understanding the exam objectives, the next apparent step is to obtain your preparation materials. There are different resources concerning the Microsoft 70–486 exam, but you need to decide carefully and not to waste time and money on the inappropriate ones.


As an IT professional, you are apparently striving for a successful career in the IT industry. Perhaps, you wish to have the best working place or become an expert in your own ASP.NET MVC field.

All this can become a reality as you take exam 70–486 and finally gain MCSA Web Applications certification. It can take your IT career to new heights, that’s why all you should put more effort into the thorough preparation and achieve your goals!

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