MCP 70–735 Windows 10 Certification | The Definitive Guide

The Microsoft 70–735 exam, also known as OEM Manufacturing and Deployment for Windows 10 certification exam, is associated with the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification. Keep in mind that the certifications offered by Microsoft are the most beneficial in the IT-field and all IT professionals agree that earning Microsoft certification will take your career to the next level and raise your salary.

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This 70–735 exam is not expensive; it will cost you around $165. If you are a member of the Microsoft Partner Network program and the Microsoft Imagine Academy program, then you will get a 10–30% discount.

If you want to cancel the exam, you should cancel it at least six days before the planned exam date, as otherwise, you will have to pay extra fees. When you do not appear for the exam or cancel it too late, you will be lost the fees paid for the exam. You should know that for your $165, you will also have two free retakes if you fail in the exam at your first attempt.

The time limit for the exam is 90 minutes, and you need to answer 40 to 60 questions. The number of questions may vary, as Microsoft frequently updates this certification exam to uphold with the development of the IT-field. As pointed out on the official Microsoft website, the applicants need to be experienced enough to pass the exam because employing only the training materials (including the ones recommended by Microsoft) are not enough, and the applicants should practice a lot.

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You can take this exam in English, along with many other languages. If English is not your native language, you should take some additional time to prepare for the exam. If you do not answer correctly to the questions, you will not get any negative points, so attempt all the questions. If there are many right answers for one question, you will get points for each part of your answer that is right. You will receive your score report instantly — a few minutes after completing the exam. Once you pass the exam, you will also get the certificate.

Topics Covered in 70–735 Windows 10 Exam are:

This topic explains customization of images, installation of deployment tools and scripts, and set up of Windows PE. Microsoft states that 20–25 % of the test questions come from this topic.

This topic defines the methods of adding drivers to images, adding language packages to images, in addition to updating them. It will also comprise the method of deploying and optimizing images. This topic is the largest one, as it includes 40–45% of the exam questions. This topic has the highest weightage, so you should start studying these topics. Once you complete it, you will be well-prepared for an important part of the exam.

This topic will equip you with skills to design and restore packages, reseal images, deploy and verify them, and develop recovery environment. This topic contains 35–40% of the exam questions.

How Can You Ace the Microsoft 70–735 Exam?

Well, it is always the best way to go with the study materials suggested by the certification provider, and this case is not a waiver. You can find plenty of study materials that can assure your success in the exam. Microsoft preparation guide that can help you in studying all the syllabus topics thoroughly. Though, this guide is regularly updated, make sure that you download the latest one. It is also advised to have practical experience with OEM deployment for Windows 10.

Ensure you are familiar with the exam format, which keeps changing to adapt to the real world. Exam format involves different types of questions that make up an MCP certification exam such as simulation questions, drag, and drop, hot areas questions; test let exam format, among others. The Simulation type of question has been introduced lately to measure the applicants’ understanding of the real-life application of various Microsoft technologies.

According to the previous exam takers’ reviews, you should also take practice tests from a reliable and trusted platform. Practice tests will make you familiar with the type of question. You will also learn to complete the exam in the specified time. This will also help in examining your readiness for the actual exam.

Who should get the MCP certification?

If you are an image builder who is proficient in Deployment Kit and Windows Assessment, then passing the 70–735 exam will be easy for you. Having at least one-year experience of managing Windows deployment issues would also be a perk. Microsoft also recommends getting some experience in deploying optimized hardware solutions for Microsoft platforms before you determine to take the certification exam.

If you are still thinking, weather the MCP 70–735 Windows 10 certification is worth it or not, then remember that almost 50% of the IT professionals who earn this certification receive a 20% increase in salary soon enough.

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