Master the Art of MTA Database Fundamentals (98–364) Exam Preparation

Knowledge in database fundamentals certainly has a bright future. IT development is one of the most coveted fields in the industry. A database is not just any other IT domain. It’s an essential collection of data information and files that are systematically arranged for easier access among people within the organization.

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And if you want to strengthen your knowledge about the database, then earning Microsoft 98–364 certification is the perfect exam that validates your database proficiency. So, start digging this MTA certification exam and enjoy the perks it has stored it for you, once you achieve it.

Tips to Master the Art of MTA Database Fundamentals (98–364) Exam Preparation

1. Understand the Exam as a Whole

Database is such an interesting expertise to pursue, and if you want to reinforce your knowledge in this field, then you’re in the right hands with Microsoft 98–364 Exam. This exam is specifically designed for IT professionals who are already familiarized with database concepts. This indicates that it’s profoundly recommended to have the former understanding and practical experience corresponding to the database, particularly about Microsoft SQL Server. If you don’t have appropriate database experience, this Microsoft certification exam still helps you as long as you take some official training courses and other appropriate study materials provided by Microsoft. Upon attainment of substantial experience, nothing can stop you now with your exam preparation.

2. Point Out All MTA 98–364 Exam Topics

The exam topics are listed to give you an outline of what Microsoft 98–364 exam is all about. And for this exam, it evolves around database concepts and tasks listed as follows.

(I) Key Database Concepts

Taking up at least 20–25% of the entire exam percentage, you should thoroughly take command of core database subjects. These concepts cover how data are stored in tables and how relational database operates. Other than that, important topics like DML or Data Manipulation Language and Data Definition Language or DDL will also be considered.

(II) Database Objects

In this topic, you will understand and learn how to use database objects. Functions such as generating tables, views, and retained functions are explained here, along with understanding how to use T-SQUL and ANSI SQL syntax. These topics have the same weightage as the first key topic, so be sure to assign extra time grasping all crucial information associated with database objects.

(III) Manipulation of Data

Covering 25–30% of the entire 98–364 syllabus, this exam is the best way to gain knowledge of how to manipulate data. Manipulation of information stored in the database comprises extracting, putting in, updating, and removing data. You should learn all these fundamental yet important functions so that you obtain a solid database foundation.

(IV) Data storage

Another important database feature this exam includes is database storage (15–20%). This aspect features matters like normalizations and different keys such as primary, composite, and foreign. Moreover, the two types of indexes―clustered and non-clustered―are also added to your learning.

(V) Administration of a Database

Finally, the exam reinforces your abilities in administering a database. But certainly, you can’t do this if you don’t have a keen clutch of database security, along with backup types and restoration processes. This area may hold a smaller percentage of the exam, which is 10–15 %, but don’t take this too lightly and spend appropriate time understanding all its sub-topics.

3. Maximize All the Official Resources for Each Topic

Luckily, each exam topic comes with useful preparation resources provided explicitly by Microsoft. You check their website, and you’ll discover the different materials you can use for your exam preparation. These resources are specially curated for each topic so that you will thoroughly perceive everything revolving around the database.

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4. Attend the Labs

Microsoft gives much importance to hands-on learning besides theoretical information and inclinations of any certification. They allow you to impart labs that not just give you answers to your problems yet, but furthermore, help you in determining speedy methods to recollect any idea ordinarily. For this, you can have the Microsoft basics course and labs with you that would support you in experiencing the training easily. The practical lessons are recordable and downloadable as well, which makes it easy for you to learn and see regardless of whatever place you are. Such labs have furthermore ended up being helpful amid last moment updates.

5. Practice Tests as a Valuable Preparation Tool

Include in your preparation as many practice tests as possible to assist you in closing knowledge gaps. Practice tests are tools that help you foster your skills competently. Microsoft provides you its official practice tests for the 98–364 exam. Right after answering the recommended practice exam by Microsoft, you can try other trusted web resources.


For the successful passing of the Microsoft 98–364 exam, you will be awarded a valuable Microsoft Technology Associate or MTA; Database Fundamentals certification. And once you earn this foundational certification, then you’re eligible to go for some higher-level Microsoft certifications to improve your skills and broaden your career scope. So, if you want to have a bright career ahead, put all your efforts for 98–364 exam preparation and you’ll have something to look forward to in the future.

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