​​Managing an IT Audit Career with CISA

Cyber-security refers to a distinct set of practices, methods, and technologies developed to preserve the integrity of devices, systems/networks, programs, and most significantly, data from unauthorized access, or attack, or violation.

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Commonly, cyber-attacks and crimes intend to access, violate, ruin and take advantage of sensitive information (data) as an approach to get to the objective.

It could be anything — money shakedown, interrupting the typical performance of businesses or destroying a person/organization’s reputation. A well-designed and enforced cybersecurity blueprint is one that has several layers of protection defending a broad range of networks, programs, and computers.

What is the CISA Certification?

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification is administered by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association). The certification has to be obtained after successfully passing ISACA’s extensive application and exam process.

The CISA certification is appropriate for professionals working in Information Systems or Information Technology. It proves a professional’s skills to audit, manage, and control an organization’s information systems.

The certification has become an industry standard for assessing a professional’s understanding, knowledge, and skills to measure, evaluate, and cope up with vulnerabilities and carrying out IT control in an enterprise environment.

The benefits of CISA certification:

It is the best certification for security professionals

Compared to other IT Audit certifications in the domain (such as the CPA or the CIA), the CISA certification is much more technical and professional. It emphasizes on skill-building and the finest practices in information systems security, audit, and control.

It is internationally recognized and accepted

All countries accept the CISA certification is accepted throughout the world as a mark of excellence for auditing IT systems in a business environment. Thus, you can receive well-paying jobs in renowned organizations in any part of the world.

It raises your chances of promotion

Since CISA certification is a high-level certification, it qualifies a professional as being more skilled, and expert in managing IS/IT systems in comparison to their non-certified counterparts. As an outcome, when you become CISA certified, your opportunities of scaling the promotional ladder in a business increase.

It Promises Higher Pay Scales

Being CISA certified indicates that a professional is familiar with the best practices in the domain and is competent in implementing value-added services for business. Thus, directly, he/she will earn more than those who aren’t certified.

The Market for IT Auditing is Growing

As businesses remain to give a better emphasis on reinforcing their internal control systems, the market for IT Auditing will also grow. Financial institutions (in both audit and non-audit domain) generate the growing demand for CISA certified professionals.

The practice is one of the major parts of the CISA journey. The most obvious way to get yourself comfortable with the structure and duration of the exam is to keep solving the practice tests. Appropriate guidance and a vital learning approach will assure you that you can pass the CISA exam in the first attempt!

Today, cybersecurity has attained a significant standing in the industry because now every organization — ranging from the defense forces, corporate, government, financial, and medical organizations — accumulates, stores, addresses, and explains massive amounts of data. So, to some extent, every organization is seized with sensitive data.

Data is like a goldmine for cyber-criminals. Since organizations and enterprises shift and switch sensitive data over a large number of connected devices, systems, and networks every day, it is important to have a strong cyber-security shield to defend this data from a breach.

As cyber-criminals are always seeking for exploitation opportunities, even a small mistake or error on an organization’s part could become their launching pad for an attack.

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