Is CompTIA A+ Certification Necessary to Start a Career In IT?

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The CompTIA A+ certificate recognizes skilled professionals in the IT field. It is one of the most favored certifications that can serve as a foundation for an IT practitioner who wants to excel in a career further. For the beginners, this is where they can begin because it merely converts them from a simple PC repairer to an IT professional. It will draw many benefits when you become a CompTIA A+ certified professional. The A+ certification has provided a ladder for competent practitioners to scale up. The individuals with this CompTIA certification understand a wide variety of aspects, from networking operating systems to even mobile and security issues, because they can accomplish tasks despite the device.

Importance of CompTIA A+ Certification to Start a Career in IT

The CompTIA A+ certification qualifies the professionals with credentials for technical support and operational roles. These people are ready and equipped with the skills to troubleshoot and tackle problems. They have the following skills:

  • Connecting hardware component and devices, along with identifying and utilizing hardware
  • Windows operating systems installation, help client and command line
  • Software troubleshooting and application security support, together with mobile device issues
  • Network types and connections, such as TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and also SOHO
  • Hardware troubleshooting devices and network troubleshooting
  • Security vulnerabilities-identification and security for devices and their network connections
  • Laptops installation and configurations and other mobile devices
  • Operational procedures, for instance, environmental impacts, safety practices, and communication
  • Understanding Mac, mobile operating systems and technologies, and Linux

You can imagine how skilled one can be with such techniques and how many benefits a person will gain in the professional field. These professionals can land jobs, like support specialist, a desktop support analyst, and a field service technician. You can receive excellent pay packages, which are within $50,000. IT professionals should become skilled in problem-solving and troubleshooting. All these things give you the grounds to be certified.

How can you Get CompTIA A+ certification?

CompTIA A+ 220–1001 (Core 1)

The exam also involves performance-based questions, which evaluate the potential to address a problem under a pretended environment.

CompTIA A+ 220–1002 (Core 2)

These certification exams are available in five languages (English, Japanese, German, Simplified Chinese, Portugal, Spanish). Each exam is taken in a 90-minute session, but you won’t have sufficient time to answer. That’s why it is recommended to take CompTIA A+ practice tests. You will understand what to expect during the actual exam and will be able to answer the question in a given time intelligently. The CompTIA A+ certification exams don’t come for free, but it doesn’t mean they are costly. Each exam costs around $219 and is paid off.


In the IT field, there is no partner and a friend to an IT practitioner like CompTIA A+ because it is the perfect foundation for a brilliant career. If you want to become an expert in problem-solving and troubleshooting, you cannot do this without foundation. Therefore, CompTIA A+ is not just a certification but a ticket to a competitive world full of professionals. It has been outstanding in assuring that there is a perfect line drawn between real certified experts and the rest of the professionals. Therefore, it is worth investing in CompTIA A+ certification.

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