Importance of CISSP Certification for Freelancers and Consultants

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Doesn’t matter you are working in a small to medium company, or you are a freelance consultant, you can make the most of the CISSP. This ISC2 certification is a significant path to your growth. It is needless to say that a CISSP certification is a very credible and excellent addition to your CV. It is because this highly sought-after certification is absolutely what organizations are looking for when seeking for an Information Security expert or professional.

Even if you are working in any company, you can find a significant boost to your career once you achieve this certification. CISSP certification holders can benefit from different aspects.

You would get excellent job prospects once you achieve this certification. It is the most distinguished Information Systems Security certification and is going to help you stand-out in a competitive market of this IT Security Professionals. These certification Professionals have profound technical knowledge and appropriate skill. The CISSP certification can give you a promising salary. The certification can give you an increase of twenty-five percent in your salary.

The market for CISSP-qualified professionals or personnel is considerably higher than the number of that of certification holders. And even the exam cost is worth in front of the benefits it gets you if you pass it. Moreover, with research indicating a global cyber workforce shortage of more than two point nine million men and women, because there’s never been a better time than now to consider CISSP certification.

Apart from this, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional concentrations (CISSP-ISSMP for Management, CISSP-ISSEP for Engineers, and that of CISSP-ISSAP for Architects) allow you to continue to remain on the CISSP path, further improving your career prospects.

This CISSP is a tough and challenging certification to attain. Achieving this certification is a splendid achievement and demonstrates to the managers and your peers that you are a competent industry professional having a profound experience to provide effective cybersecurity leadership and direction for the organization or company you work for. In fact, a survey revealed that the CISSP is the Most valuable certification among Employers.

If you meet the cissp requirements, you must go for this ISC2 certification. It is often noted as “a mile wide and an inch deep.” Yet such a lasting description is actually incorrect. The CISSP is covering the basic elements of the whole cybersecurity field — right form security and risk management to that of communication and network security to that of security testing and operations. This guarantees that a certified professional knows all the aspects of information security and, most importantly, how the elements of this information security environment they work on are going to associate with the entire organizational ecosystem. The point is you should earn the cissp certification and expand your knowledge.

How to Prepare for the CISSP Certification Exam?

No matter how much experience you have in cybersecurity fields, you will have to prepare for the ISC2 CISSP exam properly. There are several resources that you can use for this purpose, and you should study from as many as you can. This is because it is difficult to find everything about the CISSP exam just in one place.

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With eight CISSP domains to include, you need to come up with a precise study schedule that will help you to study efficiently. It is necessary to cover all the exam topics and answer the CISSP questions correctly. The best piece of advice is to begin your studies from the ISC2 website, there are a number of preparation options available at your end, from the classroom and instructor-led training to self-paced. Along with the materials from the official website, search on the internet for practice tests.

Taking CISSP practice tests in a real exam environment will track your progress and improve your results.


So, as an individual or consultant to a small or medium business, the CISSP certification is worth earning. A single ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification success would get you the best benefits in your career.

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