Dig into Information Security Architecture field with CISSP ISSAP Certification

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The Certified Information Systems Security Professional-Information Systems Security Architecture Professional(CISSP-ISSAP) is more than the longest name for a certification known to man. ISSAP is one of three concentrations of the CISSP available to CISSP holders to set themselves above the CISSP.
There’s a massive gap of learning material out there for the CISSP ISSAP, which is a part of what makes it so challenging. Unlike the CISSP with a myriad of practice tests, books, and vendors, there’s a few forum posts and a book from 2013 by (ISC)2.

How to Prepare for CISSP ISSAP Certification?

The ISSAP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) addresses the following six domains:
Identity and Access Management Architecture
2. Security Operations Architecture
3. Infrastructure Security
4. Architect for Governance, Compliance and Risk Management
5. Security Architecture Modeling
6. Architect for Application Security
If you look on the Internet for tips or study material for ISSAP exam, you probably will turn out to be disappointed. First off all start with collecting all the required study material such as books and summary’s but the most important ‘to do a thing’ is to create the study plan. The study plan can be beneficial as a reminder to finish the required study materials on time. Make sure to the point that exam date on your study plan and calendar, write it on your office wall. Once you have acquired all the study materials needed go for it and remember; “Sometimes the things that are holding you back, are the things in your head.’’

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If you go through the posts on the Linkedin by ISSAP certified professional, you will find that just relaying on study books won’t be sufficient for you to pass the exam. You need experience in the area of IT Security Architecture to understand the CBK fully. Along with learning from study guides and CBK measure your learning with practice tests. This is the best way to get ready for the CISSP ISSAP Certification exam.

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Practice tests will help you strengthen an understanding of how a real exam is. The more you practice, the more confident you will be while acing the exam. You will also learn to manage your time equally for all questions during the exam.

The ISSAP certification attaches an extra badge of skills and expertise for CISSP professionals. An ISSAP certified architect acts a lead role in the IT security department and has duties that lie at the upper managerial tier of the organization. This job does not only requires broad knowledge and experience in technology but is also closely related to the analytical aspect of information security. Presently, there are only less than one thousand CISSP-ISSAP certified individuals in the United States.

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