Gauging the CISA Exam Difficulty: How Difficult is this Exam

The most common question every CISM aspirant have in mind is how difficult the CISA exam is? It is moderately because of the subjective matter; however, there are many general aspects also upon which we shall try to figure out its difficulty level. The best method to figure that out is by comparing it with other exams and qualifications, feedback, and comments from past test-taker break it step by step and get confidence at every level.

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So, start with, let us understand the objective of the CISA exam and what is that they evaluate to get a thorough understanding of the standards and skill in which they are assessing the applicant.

The objective of the CISA Exam:

The objective of the CISA exam is to prove the understanding and perception of the information contained in the syllabus. You pass the CISA exam when you have a demonstrated knowledge of the concepts and information contained within the exam. The CISA exam has a comprehensive focus and goal of the CISA exam is to prove that you have the skills and experience needed for any job profile that demands the CISA certification. Earning CISA certification confirms that you have obtained and retained the expected abilities to become a valuable member of your organization in your field. As per ISACA, CISA a certification which is favored among individuals and organization owning IS audit, control, and security skills throughout the world.

CISA mainly is intended for professionals with work exposure in Information System Auditing, and it is a way to differentiate these professionals from those who are not certified. It can help you in obtaining higher qualification for a new position or a promotion or employment at a new organization or your organization, besides other benefits.

How Difficult id CISA Exam?

As compared to other exams, it isn’t recognized especially very difficult exam to pass. If we talk about the exam structure and syllabus, the exam consists of only 150 questions, which is an easy one that most candidates and successful professionals would agree with. It incorporates fundamental knowledge on a wide range of topics versus the specific knowledge in a broad range of topic. It relies on your learning method and previous experience; it could be both easy and difficult interestingly. Since this certification requires 5 years of experience, so it is not for someone who is just starting their career.

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Job Profiles: Difficulty Levels

So, when talking about the job profiles for those who are starting out, it is always easier for those who have a couple of years’ experience than people who have no relevant experience in the field. It is known for a fact that people who take CISA have already been working in the industry for 5 years, and their perception or experience of the exam will vary. So, in the CISA exam also, it is entirely a subjective matter.

CISA: Accounting Certification Employers Really Want to See

Although, it is well-known that they have raised the difficulty level over the years has been increased with the evolving times and standards in the industry, and hence the opinions can differ greatly.

CISA Exam Structure

Now, let us figure out how many questions are there in CISA and what is the CISA exam structure. The number of questions asked in the exam is 150. Total duration you have is of 4 hours to complete the exam, which is typically more than sufficient for anyone who wants to attempt the complete exam.

Study Materials for CISA Exam

Resource Requirement: Only investment that I recommend is buying ‘CISA Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Database’ from ISACA website.

A Practical Guide for the CISA Exam

So, the best way is to prepare for the exam is upon gaining specific required experience and take practice tests for better preparation and increasing the possibilities of gaining higher scores.

To conclude, with proper planning, the right approach, and hard work, your success in the CISA exam is sure, doesn’t matter you are from the information systems background or not.

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