Exploring MTA Database Fundamentals 98–364 Exam Preparation Tips

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is defined as Microsoft’s entry-level certification for fresher IT individuals, whether students or job-seekers. Since this is a foundational certification, this means that obtaining an MTA Databse Fundamentals 98–364 certification is highly valuable if you want to enhance both knowledge and expertise in the Microsoft domain.

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And if you want to take your database career to the higher level, the best way to start is by passing Microsoft Database Fundamentals 98–364 exam. But first, you should conform to fit in with the intended audience for this Microsoft exam.

MTA 98–364 Database Fundamentals Exam Overview

Microsoft 98–364 exam comprises of 40–60 questions in different formats. Expect to face the following question types: active screen, build list, multiple-choice, hot area, case study, drag-and-drop, best answer, and fill-in-the-blank. You’ll be given 45 minutes to complete the test, and you must get 700 points out of 1000 to pass this exam. You have to pay the $127 of the registration fee.

The MTA Databse Fundamentals 98–364 exam measures your skill to accomplish various tasks in different domains that include the following:

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Who Can Take Microsoft 98–364 Certification Exam?

Your goal of promoting your database career is not adequate to allow you to sit for the exam. To start with, you should have to have a profound grasp and practical experience of database concepts and technologies. If you don’t have any knowledge about database fundamentals and you don’t have a practical background with the core subject, don’t worry because your goal of earning an MTA certification does not end here. You have to take appropriate training courses, comprising samples and tutorials listed at MSDN and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Microsoft 98–364 Database Fundamentals Certification Benefits

IT world is always very ready to embrace, as well as to reward you with unique knowledge, skills, and certifications. Here are some of the benefits you will gain after earning the MTA certification that should encourage you to pass the MTA Database Fundamentals exam.

It proves your achievement. This certification comes with the Microsoft Certified Badge, which proves your success. According to the survey, the IT professionals with the Microsoft certification typically receive active job postings that are relating to their skills and certification obtained.

It raises your salary. With distinct skills comes a potential hike in salary. Organizations across the world are ready to appreciate and reward professionals who invest in their careers and obtain other skills with handsome salaries.

It puts the foundation to pursue higher certifications. By passing the Microsoft 98–364 exam and earning your MTA, you are laying the solid foundation in which you can afterward achieve more high-level certifications in the database learning and certification track.

Preparation Guidelines for MTA 98–364 Certification Exam

We have already seen the MTA 98–364 exam details. Now let’s see some of the preparation tips for this exam.

Design a Study Schedule:

Design a study schedule for yourself before you start preparation. Plan and determine how much time you will dedicate to your learning, lab training, and practice tests. Also, schedule when you will review your qualifications and when you will take the exam in advance. This will help you focus more and manage your time in a better way. Although the preparation time counts on how quickly you can grasp the topics and how much experience you have, commonly, it takes about two months to prepare for a Microsoft 98–364 exam.

Understand the Exam Objectives:

Thoroughly understand what skills are needed for the MTA exam and on what precise topics you should focus on a particular exam are. Know what to expect in the exam and begin your preparations in this context.

Read the Related Articles and Study Guides:

Read plenty of useful articles for MTA exam questions. Study guides will help learn the technical terminologies, definitions, and the main concepts needed to understand the intricate technology that the exams include.

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Obtain Hands-on Experience:

The questions in the MTA exams measure your skills in solving practical problems, and having hands-on experience will benefit you a lot.

Take MTA Database Fundamentals 98–364 Practice Exams:

Take MTA 98–364 practice exams and acquire the experience on the structure and format of the real certification exams. This will also help you determine your strengths and weak points so that you can emphasize more on the topics you find difficult. Quality MTA practice tests come with result history and can truly tell you when you are ready for the real exam.

Plan the Exam for Your Peak Time:

Always plan for your exam at your peak time. Taking the exams in the morning is generally perceived better, but it counts on what is the most appropriate time for you. Similarly, it is recommended to schedule your exam on weekdays, so that there are fewer individuals to take the exam at the exam center.

Sleep Well the Night Before the Exam:

Have a good night’s sleep the night before the exam. Staying up till late and studying the night before the exam will not be helpful, as you will feel dull and drowsy while tackling the exam.

Be at the Exam Center Before Time:

Always try to be at the exam center at least 30 minutes before the exam. Utilize the extra time for completing the formalities and becoming familiar with the testing center environment. You can also go through important topics so that you recall them during the exam.

Be Calm During the Exam:

Be calm and composed while taking the exam. Read all the questions and answer options carefully, even if you feel that you know the right answer. If you’re not sure about the answer, try to exclude the wrong answers first. You can also mark the questions on which you have doubts and answer them later.

Review the Answers:

Thoroughly MTA question reviews your answers before finishing the exam. Answer the questions you have marked by assuming the correct answer options and answer all the questions.


The Microsoft MTA Database Fundamentals certification is a unique certification to have listed on your resume. It can help you regarding advancing in your career is concerned. Yes, primarily, you will find it quite challenging to prepare for the 98–364 exam; however, the first step is the most challenging one. Once you begin preparation, you will notice that you have started understanding concepts very quickly.

There is a lot of information available on the Internet from which you can get help, however, assure that you take the study materials from reliable sources only. You do not want to spend your time to be preparing through inappropriate learning materials. Moreover, there are many videos also available online, which you can watch on the subject.

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