Explore Your Potential with an MTA Certification

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is intended for professionals who want to enter the Information Technology field. This certification assays the applicants in two aspects. 80% of the certification is on the basis of knowledge, while the remaining 20% assays the individual’s skills. Microsoft certifies that the applicant has a profound understanding of the IT fundamentals. MTA also allows professionals to explore different domains of IT, like hardware, software, and databases.

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Importance of MTA certification for IT Professionals

IT professionals should take MTA Certification because:

  • MTA certification is the best addition to the resume, which makes it more distinct.
  • Applicants who have to achieve MTA certification will get recognition amongst management and will stand a higher probability of being selected for a job.
  • Applicants with an MTA certification, own a better place among peers. Since they have such a solid foundation in the basic IT knowledge, these applicants often exceed those who don’t have the certification.
  • Applicants who have taken the MTA certification have an advantage over others when it comes to experience, understanding, and skill.

Reasons to get Microsoft Technology Associate certification

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The MTA certification helps the applicants to get hired by leading companies. Once hired, the professional can work better as compared to his/her co-workers who haven’t passed the MTA Certification exam. A good-performing professional will have better skills and will be more credible with regard to work with clients and colleagues. The management can be sure of professionals’ skills, capabilities, performance, work ethics, and result.

Popular MTA certifications

MTA Database

MTA Developer

MTA IT Infrastructure

MTA Windows

How to become a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certified?

  • The next step is to buy an MTA voucher. The exam cannot be taken without one.
  • On receiving the voucher number, the applicants must register themselves for MTA certification. At the time of the registration process, applicants are expected to fill in a date and time when they will take the exam. Using the Certiport locator, the applicants must also assure that they pick a convenient location to take the test.
  • Once the applicants have selected their desired date, time, and place of the exam, they need to appear for the exam. However, the applicants should be aware that they are needed to carry their valid student ID. The individuals should also bring a valid photo ID, a fee of 20 USD, and the issued voucher.
  • The exam lasts for about 60 minutes. The applicants are scored based on the number of correct answers. The scores can be obtained after the completion of the exam.
  • Successful applicants are mailed an official Microsoft Technology Associate Certification and ID after four weeks of the exam.

Simple Tips for passing MTA certification exams

  • Understand the syllabus and the type of questions asked
  • Find a trustworthy, authentic source of information that you can take as a study guide
  • Make notes to make revision more convenient
  • Take mock tests to perceive where you stand
  • Manage your time well — it will assure completion of the exam and will maximize the final score
  • Lastly, do not get confused or nervous before the exam. Go in for the test with a cool and composed mind.

Future Opportunities with MTA Certification

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Microsoft Technology Associate certification will definitely help you to enhance your skills as well as technical ability. All the applicants who are interested in Computer Science or related fields should get this certification. And for sure, MTA is the first step to the further MCSA: Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certifications.

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