Easiest and Most Efficient Ways to Prepare for Microsoft 98–349 Exam

The Microsoft 98–349 exam is a beneficial test as it can open great career opportunities for you. The exam focuses on Windows Operating System Fundamentals and is categorized in the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification. It is one of several certifications that validates the fundamental knowledge that you should have to build a career in the IT field. The MTA 98–349 certification exam is designed for high school students and those who have attended two-year colleges.

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Microsoft 98–349 Certification Exam is intended to prove the proficiency of IT professionals to understand, install, and manage the operating system. After passing Microsoft 98–349 Windows OS Exam, you’d be acknowledged as Information works, IT professional, system analyst, and system administrator.

You need to pass the Microsoft 98–349 exam to become a Microsoft Windows operating system fundamental certified professional. The exam comprises installing and upgrading client systems. Furthermore, it assays your skills in files, managing applications, devices, and folders. You need to understand the operating system maintenance and system configurations.

As you study for the Microsoft 98–349 exam, you get through to understand the basics of the Windows operating system. After earning Microsoft 98–349 certification, there will be many job opportunities at your disposal that can pay you according to your expectations. Top organizations like Microsoft, General Mills, and Lockheed Martin are employing this technology.

Benefits of MTA Certifications

And these are just some popular organizations while many others are utilizing this technology, and most of these organizations are looking to engage Microsoft certified professionals. In brief, there are many job opportunities available for Microsoft Certified Professionals. Therefore, you should take the Microsoft 98–349 exam so that you can get these job opportunities.

Job Opportunities After Passing the 98–349 Exam

1. Network technician

2. Network admin

3. Systems admin

4. Analyst of network operations

5. Desktop support

Why is Microsoft 98–349 So Popular?

In my opinion, the main reason for the MTA certification exam popularity is the pay scale that one can get after passing this 98–349 exam. This may be surprising for many of you, but a Microsoft certified professional can receive an average salary of $73,000 per year. Another reason why Microsoft 98–349 has become so popular is that it gives you ample opportunities to advance in your field. There might be some other reasons as well, but these are the two primary reasons why Microsoft 98–349 exam is so popular.

There is a misunderstanding among people that anybody can take the Microsoft 98–349 exam without any former knowledge of Windows Fundamentals. There aren’t requirements for taking the exam, but if you do not have some understanding of the Microsoft fundamentals, you won’t be able to pass the exam.

It is published at the official website of Microsoft that one should understand the fundamental Windows operating system concepts before taking the Microsoft 98–349 exam. So, it is extremely recommended that you should have some understanding and experience with fundamental Windows operating system concepts; else, passing the exam will become very difficult. It won’t take a lot of time to understand the fundamental Windows operating system concepts, but it pays off.

Easiest and Most Efficient Ways to Prepare for Microsoft 98–349 Exam

Many applicants that are taking the exam for the first time think that 45 minutes are sufficient to answer the 40–60 questions. But they do not understand the actual format of the exam. Some questions can take more than 5 minutes to answer. So, you should leave those answers for the end and attempt the easier ones in the beginning. And make sure that you solve the questions easily and efficiently.

There are many online study groups that individuals can join in for preparation of the exam. There are many individuals in these groups who are also preparing for the same exam. So, you can share knowledge and experience and help each other to prepare for the exam. There will always be some instructors that are managing these groups so they can also give you the solution to different problems that you are facing while preparing for the exam.

You can also take practice tests to build your confidence. The more you answer 98–349 practice questions, the more you learn about the concepts of the exam. Practice tests are the best way to get the understanding of wait is waiting for you at the actual MTA exam. With the use of practice tests, you can assess yourself and know your weak topics. By working through many practice questions, you increase your confidence level about the exam. There are many platforms that provide practice test which you can access online.


If you want to become a part of the rapidly growing tech industry, then Microsoft 98–349 is an ideal shot for you as it provides an opportunity to strengthen your skills in a specific field while earning a massive amount of money.

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