Earning a Certification in Linux Essentials from LPI

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Linux Essentials 010–160 exam is an industry-standard that proves to employers that you understand the fundamentals of the Linux operating system. In this article, we will explain the study material, prepare for, and pass the Linux Essential exam.

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You should first start with the history of Linux, how it was originally developed, and why there are so many diverse distributions available. You’ll study about the open-source software movement, and how the different types of open-source software licensing differ. The LPI Linux Essentials 010–160 exam syllabus walks you through the fundamentals of all the Linux distributions but concentrates on the Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS distribution.

Overview of Linux Essentials 010–060 Certification Exam

This LPI Linux Essentials 010–160 exam is aimed at assessing the understanding of Linux. It includes Linus management and system administration. Many topics are included in the exam syllabus. They entail file permissions and security, Linux community, command line, etc. The applicant is expected to understand FOSS, open-source software, licenses, and apps and their interaction with the closed source apps. They must understand the fundamentals of the Linux OS and its relations with hardware and programs, system security, the practice of command lines, and writing scripts.

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LPI Linux Essentials 010–160 includes open source apps, open-source software, ICT skills, listing files, creation, using command lines, and deletion of files, searching data, understanding hardware, and many more.

How to prepare for the LPI Linux Essentials 010–060 Exam?

First and foremost, prepare well in advance. Keep in mind your exam date, and don’t wait too long. Then, take LPI 010–060 practice tests. They are easily available on the Internet. Taking practice tests will allow you to feel what the real exam is actually like. The more practice tests you take, the more confidence you get to excel in the actual exam. Moreover, this can show which topics require more preparation from you.

It is best to learn with a study buddy or to join the online community, which makes learning more efficient. Try to read more study guides about Linux and learn from various study materials.

When your exam date approaches, arrive earlier, and be confident. Become familiar with all the rules and instructions about the exam.

To conclude, here are the most helpful tips to pass LPI Linux Essentials 010–060 certification exam:

  • The first tip is to get a study partner for you. Since LPI is the global certification standard and career support organization for open source professionals, it keeps its vendor independence by supporting a variety of high-quality exam preparation sources. LPI is affluent in a large number of partnership programs that support giving support groups and organizations.
  • The second step is to go through the published study resources. One can easily obtain the latest and updated study material on LPI, which can be greatly helpful for aspirants preparing for the LPI Linux Essentials 010–160 exam.
  • The third tip is to study from free study sources created by highly experienced Linux professionals to help applicants in preparation. This self-preparation material is available online.


To sum it up, if you are aspiring to sit for LPI certification exams, you should have complete information and prepare well. If you are quite new to the Linux OS, it is good to start with the LPI Essentials and pass the 010–060 exam. Good Luck!!

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