Earn CISM Certification to Impress the Market in 2020

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What is CISM Certification?

CISM certification administered by ISACA is created specifically for information security managers. The certification aims to emphasize the thread that binds the information security and the business objectives of the enterprise.

Significance of CISM Certification

CISM might be the best certification you can get in case you have intentions to advance your security management skills, or you want to give a push to your professional career. The career graph of CISM demonstrates a sharp verticle shift, without doubt, as it is extremely required due to improved costs in the security domain. It is intended not only to enhance your management skills but also helps you obtain perception into system security design, thus allowing you to secure a companies’ information system.

As we all are informed of the truth that every information system is always at risk if they do not take on an apt step to secure their network. This requirement gives rise to the requirement of CISM certified professionals as their expert knowledge assures the system security of an organization. Their knowledge exceeds the level of Excellency associated with designing and planning a security plan after analysing the situation.

CISM — One of the Highest Paying IT Certification

If we review the figures available on the official website of ISACA, it makes CISM as one of the highest-paying certifications. All in all, there are more than 32,000 certified professionals all across the world since its establishment (although need today is significantly higher). Out of these 32000, 8000 are working as security directors of mangers, and nearly 4000 are working as IT managers or directors or at relevant jobs working for the better security levels of the Organizations.

The above figures show the average salary drawn by CISM certified professionals on the basis of different designations. This has been picked up from the authenticated website of payscale.com. It should be adequate to satisfy the above-stated fact that it is the highest paying certification at present.

Certified Information Security Manager — The First Choice for Employers

Government organizations and large companies sometimes make it requisite for their IT and IS managers to have a CISM certification. Most organizations pay the cost of the certification to get their employees qualified and certified in the above. Many high-level professionals undergo this certification to enhance their skills and confirm their adept hands-on information system security analyses and design. By this, they not only satisfy the current requirements of the organization but also get ready to confront and analyze new risks to which the organization might get prone to.

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CISM: How it Ensures Golden Career Prospects

CISM professional brings credibility to the organization they are working for. They are experts to recognize key risk sites rather the weak points in the contemporary security systems and remain responsible for planning more robust steps to control security breach.

Information Security Managers are in Great Demand

With the rapidly evolving IT industry, the market for security professionals has soared to a great degree. But the same is the case with the risk linked with them. The computer networks extended can connect quickly. Thus the possibilities of information leak get higher. Today the risks of security threats are so high that you never recognize anyone can anytime approach data or information without your knowledge.

Then it becomes the responsibility of the Information security managers to secure data and to encode the communication messages to guarantee a leak-free pass on of information to an authorized receiver. This is why the demand for IS managers is increasing day after day, and many organizations need a Certified Information Security Manager for this position.

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Top 5 Tips for ISACA CISM Certification Exam Preparation

Earning CISM certification clearly benefits your career progress, but passing the CISM exam isn’t a cakewalk. It demands hard work and effort to study for it and gain expertise. Commitment and focus are needed in everything you want to excel in. So if you have determined and chosen it for yourself, then pull your socks and get ready to give your 100%.

Hard Work Always Pays Off! Be Ready to Reap Your Well Earned Rewards!

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