CRISC Certification|All You Need to Know

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What Does CRISC Stand for?

CRISC is an abbreviation for Certified in Risk and Information System Control. The CRISC certification is an enterprise risk management certification offered by the ISACA. The CRISC credential is favored by experts who are looking to build upon their existing expertise and knowledge of IT/Business risk, identification, and implementation of information system controls.

Who Should Take the CRISC Certification?

This CRISC certification is meant for professionals whose primary functions or associated responsibilities are to manage company risks and controls. The following roles are suitable:

  • Risk professionals
  • Control professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Compliance professionals
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ISACA CRISC Certification: Powerful Way to Grow Your Career


  • The CRISC certification candidate needs to have information systems control experience and IT risk management skills.
  • Interested candidates must have three years of work knowledge managing Information Technology risk by designing and executing Information Security Controls.
  • A candidate must have working experience across at least two of the four CRISC domains. Of these two expected domains, one of the Domains should be domain one or two, which will help in clarification. The candidates should also note that there are no substitutions or experience refusals.

Overview of the Exam:

The exam comprises of 150 questions. A candidate gets 240 minutes to complete the paper. The passing marks for the exam is a minimum of 450 marks. The exam follows a multiple-choice pattern. The official price for the exam for ISACA members is 575 USD and for non-members, it is 760 USD.

How to Pass the Exam?

The following steps could be helpful to pass CRISC-

  1. Schedule and register with ISACA to take the CRISC exam.
  2. Get the official ISACA textbooks and study guides.
  3. Set a self-study program that covers all the key knowledge domains and takes a lot of practice tests.
  4. You can attend any exam preparation training course a few days before the exam.
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What are Your Benefits from CRISC Certification?

CRISC is a tangible indicator of your knowledge and expertise as a risk professional:

The certification depicts that the holder is able to identify and evaluate IT risk and, with his knowledge, helps their enterprise attain its business goals. Since its introduction in the year 2010, more than 20,000 professionals across the world earned the certification to assert their business and IT risk management skill and their ability to design, implement, monitor, and manage effective, risk-based information systems controls.

CRISC Increases Your Value for Any Company or Organization:

The certification assures you are verified as a professional with the skills and experience to provide value and insight from an overall organizational outlook on both IT risk and control.

  • CRISC certified persons are able to use a common language to interact within IT and to stakeholders throughout the enterprise about vulnerabilities.
  • If you are certified, your company can rely on your input to make practical risk-based decisions and utilize resources to areas that are most at danger.
  • With the certification, a candidate understands information systems control design, control monitoring and maintenance, and implementation.
  • The certification grants you access to the ISACA’s global community of knowledge, including the most current ideas regarding IT risk management.

Final Words:

Risk management is a big concern these days, if you consider the proliferation of cybercrimes, especially in terms of data theft and fraud. Experts certified in CRISC create greater knowledge of information technology risks and how they impact an entire business. Furthermore, they devise plans and tactics for mitigating those risks. Finally, professionals establish a common language to facilitate communication and understanding between the IT groups. So the demand for CRISC professionals is really high.

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