CompTIA CASP+ vs. ISC2 CISSP: Examining the Notable Differences

(ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification has been considered the most prestigious certification on the list of available information assurance certifications for many years. However, the introduction of CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) provides a new certification alternative for information assurance professionals to pursue.

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What Makes CASP+ and CISSP so Prevalent?

CASP+ is more of a technical and practical certification than ISC2 CISSP, but CISSP addresses management strategies that are intensively used within the workforce. CISSP is more prevalent than CASP+ today and is more accepted within organizations because it has been around in the industry for quite long, and CISSP also equips applicants with essential cybersecurity strategies and is more extensive and more managerial than the CompTIA CASP+.

The core objective of the CISSP exam, as explained by (ISC)2 is to assess the knowledge and perception of new technologies, regulations, threats, and standards. The official purpose of the CASP+ certification, according to CompTIA, is to measure the technical knowledge and skills needed to design, conceptualize, and engineer secure solutions across complex enterprise environments.

Focus on CompTIA CASP+ Certification:

Targeted Audience for CompTIA CASP+ Certification

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Taking the CASP exam is ideal for:

  • CompTIA Security+ certified professionals who have started taking on more responsibility within an organization.
  • Information security professionals are looking for a career boost and/or career shift.
  • Department of Defense (DoD) professionals within the following job role categories:

(I) Information Assurance Management (IAM) Level II

(II) Information Assurance Technical (IAT) Level III

More precisely, the CompTIA CASP+ certification most benefits:

  • Security Architects
  • Security Consultants
  • Security Assessors
  • Information Systems Security Engineers
  • Network Security Engineers
  • Security Manager of Information Assurance Manager (IAM)
  • Security Analysts

The CASP+ CAS-003 Exam Syllabus includes four domains:

2. Enterprise Security Architecture (25%)

3. Enterprise Security Operations (20%)

4. Technical Integration of Enterprise Security (23%)

5. Research, Development, and Collaboration (13%)

Focus on ISC2 CISSP Certification

Targeted Audience for ISC2 CISSP Certification

  • Security architects
  • Security analysts
  • Security consultants
  • Security managers
  • IT director/managers
  • Security auditors
  • Directors of security
  • Network architects
  • Security systems engineers
  • Chief information security officers

These professionals define the architecture and design and/ or manage the business environment to ensure its security. The positions of these administrators reflect mainly on monitoring the security of the business in general.

The essence of the CompTIA CASP+ does not compete right away with the ISC2 CISSP certification; rather, the two could be utilized at the same time; together, these two certifications turn out to be the most highly respected and desired combination within the information assurance field.

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The fundamental difference between these two certifications is that CISSP emphasizes broad policy theory, while the CASP test concentrates on definite and technical enterprise applications. While both certifications will prove advantageous to anyone within the IT field, many times, professionals need to pick one over another.

CompTIA CASP+ vs. ISC2 CISSP : Which Certification to Choose?

Talking about both the CompTIA CASP+ and ISC2 CISSP certification will promote your career to a new level and help you to boost your career by offering you plenty of opportunities and will give you excellent exposure in the field of cyber and information security.


At present, CISSP is the most acknowledged certification when compared. However, CASP is the second most sought after certification, which is being considered by IT professionals, and there is no question that CASP will be the most desired security certification in the coming years. CASP certification is the best choice for one who wants to get technical knowledge before penetrating into the management field.

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