CompTIA CASP+ Certification: Why Is It Important to Your Cybersecurity Career?

CompTIA is extremely popular for issuing high-level certifications corresponding to Information Technology. It is a non-profit association which has obtained a worldwide prominence for its certifications.

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Many people around the world are CompTIA certification holders, but that does not mean that becoming certified from CompTIA is simple. The exams are difficult, especially if you consider them lightly.

It is recommended that you study very hard to pass the exam. Otherwise, it will be very challenging for you to achieve this certification. CompTIA presents many certifications, but here we will talk about CompTIA CASP+ certification.

CompTIA CASP Certification Overview

Cybercrime is a major issue as the cyberspace is very fragile to threats. There are always some people who are probing for opportunities to break up online services or steal private information. Cybersecurity practitioners are coveted all across the world because their services are always required by organizations and companies.

If you wish to be proficient in this field, then you can determine to become a Certified Security Practitioner. CompTIA offers one certification that solves this purpose; it is known as CASP+ (CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner).

If you want to achieve this certification, then you will have to take an exam. First, keep in mind that passing this exam is not an easy task. Cybersecurity holds a bigger threat than any other field of technology. Therefore security practitioners and masters require to be the best in their field. The reason behind the difficulty-level of these exams is that only the well-prepared applicants can crack it.

The exam measures the applicant’s understanding and skills that are expected to execute cybersecurity frameworks and policies. In addition to this, the CASP+ exam also measures the person’s skill in risk management, security architecture, and security operations.

Why Should You Take CompTIA CASP Certification?

The answer is that cyber threats are increasing every day, and there are many hackers looking for opportunities to generate problems for many organizations.

This indicates that there is a great demand for IT experts who are experienced in carrying out security protocols. This certification gives the applicants the assurance that their experience and skills will be given significance in the industry. There are many jobs that you can receive if you have earned the CASP+ certification. These jobs can bring an annual salary of $79,000-$98,000.

It is recommended that the applicant should have a minimum of ten years of experience in IT administration to be qualified for the certification. The experience should include five years of work in the technical security field.

CASP+ certification is perfect for anyone involved in managing cybersecurity for an organization. The applicant should also have profound knowledge about investigating cybersecurity risks, virtualization security technologies, and other cyber defense programs.

CompTIA CASP Exam Detail

The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) CAS-003 certification is a vendor-neutral certification.

The CASP exam is a globally targeted approval of advanced-level security skills and knowledge. The CASP exam will verify that the successful applicant owns the technical expertise and experiences needed to:

  • Conceptualize, integrate, engineer, and implement secure solutions over complex environments to maintain a resilient enterprise
  • Employ critical thinking and judgment across a wide spectrum of security disciplines to propose, execute and advocate sustainable security solutions that represent organizational strategies, balance security criteria with business/regulatory requirements, analyze risk impact and reciprocate security incidents.

The CASP certification is designed for IT security professionals who own:

  • At least ten years of experience in IT administration, comprising at least five years of hands-on technical security experience
  • Recommended Certifications: CompTIA Network+, Security+, CySA+ or equivalent experience

This is the reason why it is recommended that the applicants should take emphasis more on CAS-003 exam. CAS-003 is much like any other exam, and you will have to study pretty hard to crack it. The test comprises of 90 questions, all of which based on the multiple-choice format.

Everything You Need to Know about CompTIA CASP Certification

Each applicant will have165 minutes to answer all the questions. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that there is no scaled score in this exam, the applicant either passes or fails.

There are many topics that are included in the CASP certification exam, and you must prepare for all of them if you want to pass. The topics are as follows:

1. Risk Management (19%)

2. Enterprise Security Architecture (25%)

3. Enterprise Security Operations (20%)

4. Technical Integration of Enterprise Security (23%)

5. Research, Development and Collaboration (13%)

How to Prepare for CompTIA CASP CAS-003 Certifiation?

As stated earlier, CAS-003 exam is going to be difficult, and you must prepare well for it. Even if you have a lot of experience in the field, it is still advised that you work hard to prepare for the exam.

  • The CompTIA CASP certification is not a new certification. Therefore you can easily find learning material for this exam. You can find many online communities, specially created for this purpose. All you have to do is to ensure that you find these communities and talk to its members to get more knowledge about this exam.
  • You should also obtain the official study guide as it can equip you with a lot of information about how you should study for the exam. The next thing that you should consider is taking practice tests. There are many websites which offer practice exams, and all of them will help you to prepare for the CASP exam in a better way.
  • The practice exams will help you to assess your skills so that you can find the areas that require a little more work easily and those that you have completely understood.

How to Ace Your CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Certification Exam?

  • You should begin the preparation a few months before the exam so that you have sufficient time to study all the topics without stress.


CASP certification has rapidly become one of the most popular certifications given by CompTIA. The main reason for this is that there is a high demand for professionals who can carry out security protocols.

Every organization out there need to hire these professionals and ready to pay them higher pay packages. So, if you are an IT professional seeking ways to advance their career, then you should sincerely consider earning this certification. CompTIA CASP certification will transform your career in a way that you may have never expected.

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