CompTIA A+ Certification: Insight & Preparation Tips

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CompTIA A+ certification is the most sought-after IT certification for building a career in the IT field. CompTIA A+ certification confirms understanding of the most common hardware and software technologies in business and approves the skills essential to support complicated IT infrastructures. CompTIA A+ is a robust certification that helps IT professionals worldwide boost their IT career.

What is CompTIA A+ Certification?

  • Prove baseline security skills for IT support professionals
  • Configure device operating systems, comprising Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS and administer client-based along with cloud-based (SaaS) software
  • Troubleshoot, and problem solve core service and support difficulties while implementing best techniques for change management, documentation, and scripting
  • Support basic IT infrastructure and networking
  • Configure and support PC, mobile and IoT device hardware
  • Execute primary data backup and recovery processes and implement data storage and management best practices

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CompTIA has upgraded the A+ certification to go along with the latest trends in the IT field. The CompTIA A+ Core Series is intended to comprise a broad range of skills and specializations like cybersecurity, network administration, cloud, and more by emphasizing on intricate problem-solving skills that IT professionals may face in the field. The new A+ offers a comprehensive method to explore career opportunities.

The exam syllabus topics of CompTIA Core 1 (220–1001):

  • Networking (20%)
  • Hardware (27%)
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing (12%)
  • Hardware and Network Troubleshooting (27%)

The exam syllabus topics of CompTIA Core 2 (220–1002) are:

  • Security (24%)
  • Software Troubleshooting (26%)
  • Operational Procedures (23%)

Career Benefits with CompTIA A+ Certification

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Future-Proof Your Career with a CompTIA A+ Certification

On that mark, what jobs can you get with this CompTIA certification? Well, CompTIA A+ certification qualifies you for creditable IT profiles such as Data Support Technician, Associate Network Engineer, Help Desk Technician, and Field Service Technician, to name just a few.

The CompTIA A+ certification is one of the most sought-after certifications in the IT field. It is no wonder how people prepare for it. Like other IT certification exams, there are ways to help you get better possibilities of passing and acing these exams.

1. Understand CompTIA A+ Exam Objectives

2. Become Familiar With the Computer

3. Acquire Hands-on Skills as well

4. Be Calm

For more on preparation of CompTIA A+ Certification exam go through the below infographic:

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The IT field is extremely competitive, and its best to hold outstanding fundamental knowledge to help keep pace with the advance trends. The CompTIA A+ certification is aimed to satisfy such requirements and help distinguish yourself from the group. Moreover, earning CompTIA certification helps you to grow professionally and establish a successful career in the IT field. Make an effort to obtain your certification as soon as you can.

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