CEH Certification: Offered by a Reputable IT Organization

Ethical hacking sounds like a contradiction, isn’t it?

Aren’t hackers are nothing to the contrary but ethical? Some spend their time stealing information, penetrating business’ systems, keeping it to ransom, and therefore damaging a victims’ prestige. At least, that’s what we’re made to think from the outreach.

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Certainly, there are ethical hackers out in the field. Actually, for many businesses, ethical hacking is one of the best defenses against these cybercriminals.

Ethical hackers think the same way that their evil peers think. They also own the same skills — the difference comprising what happens after they get through the security of a computer network or database. Rather than stealing the data and using it for their personal benefit, ethical hackers report these vulnerable areas to the company’s IT team. But this career isn’t as straightforward as you think! You have to undergo a series of steps and thorough preparations before you achieve such fabulous information security certification.

If you’re passionate about pursuing this path, here’s everything you require to know about becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

CEH: A Prominent Certification Offered by a Reputable IT organization EC-Council

The CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker certification is offered by the EC-Council. This member-supported organization is recognized for its globally-recognized security certifications and e-business certifications. And one of their most sought-after certifications is EC-Council CEH certification. So, what are the major reasons for obtaining the CEH certification?

Becoming an expert in the field of ethical hacking is certainly challenging. But it can be unconstrained if you have something to prove to the world―a CEH certification, Maybe. This globally-renowned credential is considered a benchmark of ethical hacking practices used by most security professionals around the world. Having this on your profile completely means that you’ve reached the standards needed for ethical hackers, and you’ve verified your expertise in the network security domain.

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A Certified Ethical Hacker knows the pros and cons of target systems, comprising tasks like identifying vulnerabilities and optimizing the same skills as a malicious hacker but for a legal purpose.

The steps to Earn your CEH Certification

Every certification method is full of difficulties. So, we make it much simpler for you with this complete guide in obtaining your CEH certification. Let’s start with the prerequisites of the exam.

1. Meet Eligibility Criteria

The very first thing to do is to evaluate your eligibility. Even if the CEH certification is part of the basic certification level of EC-Council, there are specific prerequisites that you require to comply with. This certification is extremely appropriate for auditors, site administrators, security professionals, or other related professions, with a focus on network infrastructure integrity. If you’re part of this group of professionals, then you are allowed to take the exam―as long as you take the official training for the CEH certification at an approved training center, academic institution, or approved online platform. You can also take the exam without the training if you can demonstrate two years or more work background in the information security field, plus the eligibility application fee amounting to $100.

2. Be Informed of the CEH Exam Structure

CEH exam is consisting of 125 questions in multiple-choice format. You are provided a total of 4 hours to answer all the questions. Don’t overlook these so-called ‘multiple-choice questions’ because each of these is thoroughly analyzed to assure the incorporation of security standards and real-world applications. Furthermore, the questions feature various difficulty levels. From there, the ‘Cut Score’ format is pursued, where your cut score will lean on which exam part is challenged. The cut score often ranges from 60% to 85%. With the unspecified passing percentage, it’s best that you give your best in answering all the questions.

3. Understand its Exam Module Thoroughly

The best way to completely understand this certification is through its exam module. You must know that there are a lot of topics to be included in the exam, so the complete concentrate is required when learning these subjects. Firstly, the exam makes you familiar with the world of ethical hacking, along with essential security features like surveillance and footprinting. After, you will go through more advanced topics like scanning networks, system hacking, vulnerability analysis, malware threats, and enumeration. Various hacking solutions are also explained, comprising web servers, web applications, wireless networks, and mobile platforms. Moreover, the exam loads up your understanding of sniffing, evading firewalls, session hijacking, IoT hacking, and even cloud computing.

4. Take help from EC-Council

Study appropriately and effectively from the broad spectrum learning options given by EC-Council. Presently, there are four options for your CEH exam preparation. First is the self-study option that includes video streaming courses. iweek is the live, online course by a live instructor. Master Class is an excellent choice for those who wish the aid of excellent instructors. And ultimately, Training Partner is a personalized choice that gives personal training. All these training options are intended to help applicants with various preferences.

5. CEH Practice Tests

Sharpen your ethical hacking skills with practice tests. The applicant can get many benefits by taking an online practice test. Time restraint is one of the main problems for most of the applicants; the applicant needed to answer all the CEH questions within the precise time duration. The practice test also follows the same environment, and the candidate has to complete the test exam within the assigned time period. By performing the online CEH practice test, you can learn how to answer the question in a given time. If you fail to manage time in the practice tests, then prepare and plan accordingly to finish the exam on time. By taking the practice exam, you can determine which particular area you are weak and where you require more attention to score well in the final exam. By getting this idea, focus more on the topic, which you have scored low, and retake the practice test exam to check yourself.


Keep in mind; you need to get the position of a hacker to complement their threats and attacks. You go into their world to learn how they manage. And you can do so by achieving your CEH certification. As the world’s most acknowledged and popular certification for ethical hackers, this certification unfixes the knots of security risks. You become an expert in hacking techniques―in a positive way. Beyond that, this opens plenty of career opportunities, which comprise professional development, higher salary, widespread professional peers, and more! Strengthen your ethical hacking skills with the EC-Council’s CEH certification and relish the amazing perks!

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