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What is CompTIA Certification?

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) certification can be explained in many ways. Still, the best approach is to say it’s a significant certification for anyone working in the computer and information technology (IT) field. CompTIA is the world’s principal tech association, and the many types of certifications they provide all meet the industry norms. Here is an overview of the CompTIA certification and the advantages of earning CompTIA certifications.

In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at CompTIA, one of the excellent options when it comes to training and certifications. We’ll find out more about the organization, take a concise look at its history, and take an overview of some of the categories of certification awarded, aiming to help you to make an intelligent decision when it comes to your certification options.

CompTIA Certifications Overview

When we think of CompTIA certification, we usually think of different computer-related certifications because CompTIA offers various certifications. However, the fundamental CompTIA certification is A+ (A Plus). The CompTIA A+ is an entry-level certification usually obtained by computer service technicians. To achieve the A+ certification, an individual must pass an exam that proves the individual’s expertise and skill in installing, customizing, operating, and managing computers.

The CompTIA A+ exam, which is designed for individuals having at least six months of computer service technician experience, comprises up to 90 multiple-choice questions and must be answered in 90 minutes. Once achieved, the CompTIA A+ certification is valid for three years. To maintain CompTIA A+ certification, the individual must fulfill continuing education credits or retake the exam. U.S. News & World Report suggests taking the A+ exam as part of the expected education to work as a computer support professional.

CompTIA offers Several Certifications.

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Why Obtain CompTIA Certification?

Whenever an employee works at a job that may require some sort of certification, the employee should think to achieve that certification. Certifications are especially essential for several reasons. CompTIA certifications are a way for the IT professional to prove his or her understanding of computers or specific areas of networks. Computers are used in almost all businesses and jobs today, so it’s essential that the employee confirm that he or she is as well-versed as possible in computers.

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When pursuing a specific job in the IT domain, applicants who have CompTIA certifications listed on the CV will generally have the benefit. CompTIA is the leader in the computer and IT field. CompTIA points out that the IT field is set to have another strong year in 2018, so those pursuing these careers should achieve as many CompTIA certifications as possible for great job opportunities.

  • CompTIA certifications offer a bonus for IT career opportunities.
  • CompTIA certifications help you to improved job security in your prevailing position.
  • It helps professionals to get respect and credibility in the IT field.
  • CompTIA certifications can open the door to profitable government and military technology positions.
  • Owning CompTIA certifications helps to hire managers that you want to boost your IT career.
  • Hiring CompTIA certified can result in greater client satisfaction.
  • Businesses can quickly improve with CompTIA certified employees can increase productivity.

With so many CompTIA certifications to take, an individual might find it challenging and confusing. CompTIA makes it simpler by setting up the certification exams in a sequence so the applicant can earn them as more knowledge is obtained. Once one certification is earned, the applicant can focus on the next exam in that group. Depending on the individual’s career objective, he or she can take as many of the exams as required.

One of the first things an individual starting a job in a computer or IT field will need to do is achieve certification through CompTIA. It’s proof of the individual’s skills, expertise, and dedication to the field. Getting these certifications can increase career opportunities and raise wage potential.

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