Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap with EC-Council Certifications

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Cybersecurity is a growing industry with an eminent issue of the shortage of skills. Even the World Economic Forum stated in its report that the United States has over 200,000 cybersecurity skills requiring job vacancies, and organizations are facing a hard time to fill them. This tremendous disproportion between the supply and demand of the talent makes it easier for hackers to take the disadvantage for their own good. The data clearly disclose the outrageous truth of the issue impending. With the shortage of expected professionals in the organizations, malicious threats are now pretending in a very advanced manner, and organizations need to defend themselves with all the help they can get.

What is EC-Council?

How was EC-Council Established?

How Does EC-Council Help Address the Cybersecurity Skills Gaps?

EC-Council helps address skills gaps by producing world-class training and certification — each one specializes in this field. It helps identify gaps in organizations by our training partners, support offer world-class approach, framework in these sub-specialize areas of information security.

Cyber threats are becoming a significant issue for organizations and governments similar. Most organizations look for the magic pill to resolve cybercrimes. The CIOs, CISOs think with larger budgets, their organizations will have more security. It has confirmed this is not the case.

Organizations cannot outsource the risk of cybersecurity by having an immense budget. They require to be agile and own the core expertise on their own. The best way to cope with the gap is to have over the edge solutions. You require the appropriate applications, the proper policy, the best technology, and, more significantly, the right people. People equipped with the right skill set to strengthen organizations to maturity.

Hand-Picked Article: Mould Your Career With EC-Council Certifications

Knowledge workers who utilize mobile computing power to carry out their roles in an organization need to perceive security risks in an organization. Cyber awareness training is required to ensure they don’t become a responsibility. The Certified Secure Computer Users certification is designed, which that in mind.

The tech team requires to understand application development, incident response, and they need to be trained in the correct framework. That way, they have a knowledge foundation they can apply in day to day life to ensure they secure the organization. Here’s a list of all of EC-Council certifications.

Entry-Level EC-Council Certifications:

Mid-Level EC-Council Certifications

CEH Certification: Disclosed as One of the Best Certifications for the Cyber Security Field

Expert-Level EC-Council Certifications

Management & C-Level EC-Council Certifications

Specialist-Level EC-Council Certifications

CHFI Certification: How It Can Open Doors and Boost Your Computer Forensics Career


The EC-Council offers a broad range of certifications that can be practiced to prove your skills, making you a worthy competitor and employee. EC-Council certifications are designed to offer the foundation coveted by every Electronic Commerce and Security Professionals looking for expert knowledge and progress in career opportunities in fields like IT security, network security, including disaster recovery, secure programming, and E-Business.

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