Becoming MCSD App Builder Certified with MCSD 70–487 Certification

Microsoft plays a great role in ensuring that IT professionals all over the world can gain a cutting-edge understanding of technology. Lately, Microsoft released new role-based certifications to resolve the requirements of various technical requirements in the job market. Thus, professionals can develop a career in IT by earning Microsoft certification that suits their profiles.

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With the development of cloud computing technologies, Microsoft Azure solutions are assured for growth, given the prevalence of the firm’s operating systems. Hence, the need for IT experts who can develop software that can incorporate well with this technology remains to advance. If you take up the challenge, you need to pass Microsoft 70–487 exam.

Here is what you should anticipate in your certification journey.

What the Microsoft 70–487 Exam Cover?

Microsoft 70–487 exam is known as Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services. This exam includes five broad topics. Each topic has its percentage in the exam.

Microsoft 70–487 Exam Topics

  • Accessing Data (20–25%)
  • Querying and Manipulating Data by Using the Entity Framework (20–25%)
  • Creating and Consuming Web API-based services (20–25%)
  • Designing and Implementing Web Services (15–20%)
  • Deploying Web Applications and Services (15–20%)

These percentages help you manage the time efficiently and perceive which topics need more time for learning.

MCSD 70–487 Exam information

The Microsoft 70–487 exam costs $165, and you can easily register for this test by visiting the Microsoft registration portal. It is also necessary to note that this exam is available in multiple languages such as English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, and Japanese. This gives the options to select a language that they understand best for optimal performance.

One unusual feature of this exam is that it does not show numerical scores but rather a simple pass or fail result. It, however, presents score bars for each topic showing areas where the candidate is weak or strong.

Tips for passing the MCSD 70–487 Certification Exam

As you know, there is no shortcut to success; 70–487 is a tough exam and requires the right amount of hard work for passing. You may not have worked on any LIVE projects with Azure and WCF, but then, there are plenty of video tutorials and books you may prefer to acquire the knowledge on the same. The best tip from my experience is that this may be the certification that tests your knowledge of Microsoft Azure, but you should be thorough with WCF and its fundamentals.

Be Conversant with the Exam Objectives

This is the last thing you should always consider before you even think of learning any concept concerning the Microsoft 70–487 exam. Exam objectives give you a distinct guideline of what you need to understand before taking the actual exam. Therefore, assure 70–487 exam objectives are always handy.

Learn from Books

Once you understand the objective of the exams, then it is time to get some books. It is necessary to understand that even if you start your preparation for just 30 days; hence, you need to employ some time in turning the pages of books presented by some reputed publications and authors. This will polish up your basic concepts related to Microsoft exams.


It is essential for every software engineer to practice implementing every programming skill achieved. The secret of becoming proficient in software engineering is acquiring hands-on skills because real-world situations demand real solutions. Therefore, make sure you carry out every practical concept during your preparation for the Microsoft 70–487 exam.

Revise Regularly

As the exam day comes nearer, you have to affirm whether you have met all the exam objectives of the Microsoft 70–487 exam. If you have overlooked some topics, go back to your study resources, and learn every concept that you are not familiar with.

Practice Tests

Microsoft offers certified practice tests to help you measure your understanding of relevant topics. Practice tests are very important for you to identify your prevailing knowledge level and preparedness for the exam. You can then start to work on your weaker topics so that you will be able to crack the exam on the first attempt. There are many different platforms that provide practice tests that you can find online, so just start searching for them. But make sure you choose a reliable and authentic platform for taking practice tests.


Certifications are always beneficial, particularly when Microsoft offers them. MCSD: App Builder certification is an excellent certification for those who want to prove their knowledge in mobile and web application development. Get the appropriate study materials, take practice tests, and pass Microsoft 70–487 to become certified!

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