Ace Your GIAC certification Exams with Confidence

Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) was developed in 1999 with the purpose to establish a certifying body for information technology (IT) professionals working in the field of information security. The first GIAC certifications were offered in 2000, and the program has become industry leader, with over 50,000 certifications have been issued to date.

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If you’re pursuing GIAC certification, be prepared to do more than study a few books and practice tests.

Tips to Help You Prepare for GIAC Certification Exam

Don’t Delay Studying

SANS classes are frightening experiences, and you may feel exhausted after a long week of technical material has been dropped for you. But if you’re sincere about passing the GIAC exam, don’t wait too long after the class is over to begin your studies. This will keep the learning fresh and allow you to remember information easily.

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Build an Index of the Course Material

All GIAC exams are an open book and open note — sounds easy, correct? No. The SANS books are dense and highly comprehensive. For the books and notes to be helpful, you should create an index that allows you to notice what you’re looking for immediately. You’ll still need a complete understanding of the material, but the index will help you quickly research tricky questions. Developing the index will also help you review the material as you’ll need to read each page to define keywords and concepts. Take a highlighter and underline critical points on each page.

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Set Aside about Two Months to Study and Prepare

If you are working professional and having a busy schedule, you may require more time. In my experience, two months will be enough for you to read one book a week (making notes and creating an index) and then take the practice tests.

Take Practice Tests

Practice tests tend to be exact representations of the type of questions you will expect on the actual exam. You should have a “draft index” developed by the time you give your first practice test. Treat the experience like the real exam and notice how helpful your index is. If you find the practice tests difficult either because you don’t understand the material or your index did not practically help you, taking notes of the questions that confused you, learn the topics again, and supplement to your index. Then take the practice tests and repeat this process.

Label Your Books

At first sight, all ch SANS book looks identical. During the GIAC exam, you need to take the book quickly you think that has the answer you’re searching for. To help you quickly identify a book, take a sticky note, and write the number of the book on it and put it on the front cover of the book as a bookmark. This way, you can look at the note and perceive the significant, bold number rather than having to read a tedious book cover. It’s a small thing, but it will increase your speed noticeably.


Because security threats change periodically, GIAC believes it’s necessary to maintain security certification. You need to recertify GIAC certifications every two years.

You can recertify by taking a refresher exam, which tests you on the most contemporary certification objectives. The cost for the recertification test is $120, though you can renew many GIAC certifications in the same year by paying a single $120 fee.

Everyone has a different learning style. Some are aural (listening) learners, others are visual learners, and still, others learn by making essential notes. The fact is that we all practice all of these methods for learning, and the more ways you can get the information into your brain, the better.

However, you study hard, do your best, ask for help when you require it and ace your GIAC certification exams with confidence.

All the Best!!

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