A Step by Step Approach to CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam

Information technology is an ever-evolving field. An experienced networking professional can obtain an excellent career in the IT field. However, it is essential to have the demanded certifications. The certifications may take time, but they are worth the amount of time and money you spend on achieving them.

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If you are involved in computer support, it would be great for your career progression to having CompTIA Network+ certification. This certification not only looks good on your CV, but it will also help you get you the job you wish.

What is CompTIA Network+ Certification?

A CompTIA Network+ certificate confirms that the individual has an understanding and basic skills to be a networking professional. As the certification is not bound to a specific computer or operating system, it is vendor-neutral.

The CompTIA Network+ N10–007 certification exam is not a challenging one to pass, but the applicants require a profound understanding of networking and computers. If you are presently studying for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam, make sure your bases are all cleared.

Skills Required for CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam

As this is a basic-level certification, do not expect any high-level skill requirements. That being said, the CompTIA recommends CompTIA A+ certification and nine months of networking experience before sitting for the exam. However, those are recommended, but not compulsory. The exam itself confirms that the applicants have the essential skills and expertise to execute defined network architecture with basic network security, and the examinee will be expected to configure, maintain, and troubleshoot network devices using appropriate network tools. This also involves an understanding of the objective and peculiarities of some network technologies. The applicants will also be required to be familiar with media types and common network protocols.

Further the above-mentioned skills, the applicants will require a thorough understanding of these following exam topics:

1. Networking Concepts 23%

2. Infrastructure 18%

3. Network Operations 17%

4. Network Security 20%

5. Network Troubleshooting and Tools 22%

And a detailed description of each topic sub-topics can be found here.

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Other skills needed include end-user level Windows operating skills, and also able to recognize and describe fundamental network theory concepts, software, and hardware, communication methods, LAN/WAN/TCP/IP implementations, along with essential security threats and attacks.

Tips for CompTIA Network+ N10–007 Exam

Cover your Basics

The CompTIA Network+ N10–007 exam measures the basics of networking, not your expertise. Expertise is connected with the experience. For the N10–007 exam, you should be an expert in networking fundamentals. While studying for the exam, incorporate all the essential bases. Read all the syllabus topics and then dig into the details. Do not overlook any topic. It will affect your scores in the actual exam.

Binary Math Calculations

The exam includes binary math calculations. Just like any math exam, the more you practice binary math, the more expert you’ll be. Practice consistently and make sure you understand all the questions associated with IP addresses.

Perform CompTIA Network+ N10–007 Practice Tests

Along with binary math calculations, you must undertake CompTIA Network+ N10–007 practice tests. This will ensure that you will complete the exam on time. Attempt as many practice tests as you can.

Attempt the Easy Network+ N10–007 Questions First

Do not waste too much time on a single question. Keep in mind, you can always come back to a question for a second look. Answer all the questions you are confident about. Once you’re done, concentrate on the tough N10–007 questions. The exam is not adaptive and demands significant practice.

Read the Questions Thoroughly

Give your full consideration to the questions presented to you. Your carelessness can lead to losing points. The exam is objective type. You might figure out two or more options that might seem like the correct answer. The questions are not wrong. Read your questions with full concentration before you answer.


Nowadays, with the variation of the devices and their possibilities of utilizing network technologies, CompTIA Network+ is the best choice both for the beginners and the specialists who know a thing or two about this sector. All you need to do is to prepare yourself with great dedication and pass the certification exam with good colors.

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