A Quick Guide on Microsoft SharePoint 70–339 Exam– Success Guranteed

Microsoft’s certifications are the reasons behind the smiles of many of IT professionals across the globe. Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 (70–339) certification proves a professional’s knowledge and technical skills needed to administer and monitor Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016. The certification equips you with the skills and expertise to help design and manage Microsoft SharePoint 2016 server. It teaches you to deploy, troubleshoot, and administer the SharePoint 2016 environment. It also qualifies you on considerations, best practices, and policies to optimize SharePoint deployments.

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The Microsoft 70–339 certification exam is an updated version which comes with more potency from the SharePoint Services. The certification helps the professionals with the best practices for planning, installation, configuring of the environment in respect to Cloud-integrated environments and On-premise environments. The Microsoft certification would strengthen skills like planning in the applicants about the logical and physical topology of the SharePoint websites as well as web applications, site collections, etc. for designing rules and regulations that help in increasing the security and the performance.

The Microsoft 70–339 exam will qualify you for the following concepts:

  • Planning and Installing SharePoint 2016
  • The configuration of SharePoint 2016 Taxonomy and Search
  • Securing SharePoint 2016
  • Deploying of various SharePoint 2016 Service Applications
  • Management of SharePoint 2016 Content Deployment
  • Monitoring, Tuning, and Troubleshooting SharePoint 2016
  • Protection of SharePoint 2016 with High Availability and Recovery
  • Interconnection of SharePoint 2016 with other products
  • Upgrading and Updating SharePoint 2016

The Microsoft 70–339 certification examination includes the following topics:

  • Design SharePoint Infrastructure
  • Plan authentication and security
  • Plan workload optimization
  • Plan productivity solutions
  • Manage search capabilities
  • Plan and configure cloud services
  • Monitor and Optimize a SharePoint environment

The MCSE 70–339 examination comprises of 40 to 60 questions that need to be answered in around 150 minutes, while the passing score is 700 out of 1000. The exam is takin in languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Portuguese, and Japanese.

How to Prepare for Microsoft 70–339 exam?

The Microsoft 70–339 examination comes with the fundamental concepts; it still needs a solid preparation to obtain a good score. Here are some useful tips that will help in preparation for this exam.

1. Go in a Well-Planned Reading Schedule.

A common oversight made by candidates is keeping every one of the topics at once. The certification accompanies various topics, so study one topic at any given moment. Moreover, it isn’t essential to adhere to a particular book for taking in the theme. The concepts can similarly be learned from various sources like online study guides, videos, and consider many more, through which the candidates would have the potential to understand the idea thoroughly.

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2. Learn from Experts

The Microsoft 70–339 exam demands proficient skills, experience, and learning that is required for passing the examination. From this time forward, it is essential that the candidate experience preparing and learning from experts that follow proper arranging, knowledge, and significantly more that is needed for developing a profound base. Same way, make a point that the experts keep themselves updated with the most advanced updates in the field.

3. Read the Questions Properly

Microsoft 70–339 questions are very tricky. The candidates usually make mistakes in reading the questions, which leads to wrong answers. The questions hold an essential part of the paper, and thus, it is more important to understand them properly before giving the answer. The exam may give curved inquiries that would get your quandary on what to compose. It is likewise important to keep an eye on the watchwords and the questions to give appropriate answers. The catchphrases may similarly deceive you into a wrong answer. In this way, read the question two to three times, comprehend the expressions of the question and after that, determine the right answer.

4. Avoid Answering questions You are Not Sure About

When you get the paper, start with the questions you are confident about. This means, evading the questions that don’t sound good to you, or you think that it’s difficult. It is likewise conceivable you would come to know the right answer to the question once you finish the rest and return to the question once more. You have to speed up for the beginning 45 minutes in noting the most extreme number of questions, and so, it is smarter to evade the questions you are not sure about. Declining from doing as such may lead you out of time before completing the different decision questions.

5. Don’t Rush for end-Time Reading

It is the habit of many people to study at the last moment. Taking in the entire program is only one night is very impractical. So, it is necessary to start learning gradually before the examination date shows up. The exam conveys three primary sections to learn and adapting every one of them at once isn’t conceivable. The applicants need to plan for the test ahead of time on both theoretical and practical grounds. This would equip them with a decent opportunity to score well amid exams. Henceforth, make sure you start planning for the exam to stay away from end time rushes.

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6. Study with Relaxation

Relaxing your mind is much important while you are studying for any professional exams. Almost certainly, the course is much intense and needs excessively of commitment. However, unwinding is similarly required for having an essential concentration in the examination hall. For this, learn while you have real weight control plans, works out, and so on. This would help you to study in all the better manner. At the point when the exams are near, take necessary hours of rest and avoid late-night learnings to stay fresh on the exam day. Consequently, alongside perusing hours, ensure you additionally unwind with the goal that you can focus on exams.

The process of becoming a certified SharePoint administrator requires a lot of time and a lot of learning. But at the end of your all hard work, you get a greatly respected and in-demand award that will help you excel in the competitive Microsoft specialist job market.

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