70–483 Exam: Clear Your Visions about Programming in Microsoft C#

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What Is Microsoft 70–483 Exam?

The 70–483, Microsoft programming in the C# certification exam is designed for developers. Passing the exam leads a candidate towards MCSA certification. The 70–483 certification comes under Microsoft’s Universal windows certifications.

Who Should Take the 70–483 Exam?

Candidates for this exam are developers who have at least one year of experience in programming essential business logic using C# for various application types, e.g., different hardware and software platforms.

  • Asynchronous programming and threading.
  • Data validation and working with data collections including LINQ.
  • Handling errors and exceptions.
  • Working with arrays and collections.
  • Working with variables, operators, and expressions.
  • Working with classes and methods.
  • Decision and iteration statements.
  • A candidate becomes a C# developer after passing the 70–483 exam.

Overview of the Exam:

The exam has 40–60 questions approximately. The format is multiple choice type, but some questions have drag and drop options. A candidate needs to score 700 marks to pass the 70–483 exam.

Syllabus Topics Covered under the Exam:

The exam covers topics-

  • Create and Use Types (25–30%)
  • Debug Applications and Implement Security (25–30%)
  • Implement Data Access (25–30%)

Who Is A C# Developer?

A C# developer is an individual who composes codes for a client or organization. The developer is needed to characterize the website composition as indicated by the client’s demands. Experts in this part are consigned with outlining and building reliable C# code. Different undertakings C# experts are needed include, create and plan UIs, and they play an essential role in the protection of the quality code. A Microsoft 70–483 C# developer must guarantee that the responsiveness and top-quality execution of the applications. Additionally, 70–483 developers are required to make interactive media applications.

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Programming in C# 70–483 Certification: In-Depth Guide [2020]

Job Responsibilities of a 70–483 C# Developer:

  • The 70–483 certified individual must create, configure, test, support, and convey work area, custom web functions using c#.
  • He should assemble client programming needs and create related programming projects and applications.
  • The candidate must assess and research and assess programming related items.
  • He must outline and create support and testing strategies and methods.
  • The 70–483 C# developer makes programming documentation and renews existing documentation.
  • Actualize best practices, models, and techniques, including quality and conveyance philosophies, are some of his works.
  • Guarantee consistency with the recorded programming procedures and systems for the duration of the life cycle of programming items.

Why Should You Pass the Microsoft 70–483 for A Good Career?

There are several reasons why you should pass the famous 70–483 certification test. Microsoft has always managed high standards and quality. Professionals who take and pass the 70–483 exam are always all-rounded and can tackle any challenging work scenarios.

The 70–483 Leads You Towards MCSA:

The 70–483 is a way to get your professional certification. Passing the Microsoft C# is one of the steps towards having the MCSA: Universal Windows Platform certification.

You Receive Recognition for the Acquired Skill:

While preparing for the exam, you’ll get advanced skills in C language. When you pass the 70–483 exam, it proves you are skilled in different topic areas. You can apply the knowledge in your professional field.

Become Proactive:

You become an all-rounder and proactive through 70–483 Certification:

The C# Certification Leads You to Advanced Career:

Passing the Microsoft 70–483 exam helps you to take other related exams further to advance your abilities and your career.

Job Findings Become Easier:

Grabbing a job becomes easier when you have a certification like Microsoft C# certification to validate your skills. Many employers look for certified professionals, who have the certificate as their skill proof.

Chance of Promotion Increases:

When you are certified, there’s a high chance of being promoted or get more advanced roles in comparison to your colleagues.

Final Words:

Microsoft certifications are always valued worldwide. You, with the C# certification, will get better job opportunities and higher salaries. A certificate is not a piece of paper only, and it is proof of your skills. As per data from pay scale, you’ll attract an average salary of $99,000 per year, with 70–483 certification in the US.

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