6 Tips with Which IBM C2065–055 Exam Wouldn’t Be Hard for You

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What is IBM Certified Analyst — i2 Analyst’s Notebook v9 C2065–055 certification?

IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook V9 C2065–055 certification is an intermediate level certification is designed for professionals who are regular end-users of IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook v9. At least six (6) months of experience in the product is recommended before attempting this Certification.

  • Analyze financial and communication data
  • Analyze networks to distinguish significant entities
  • Communicate analytical results through presentation charts
  • Deconstruct criminal organization networks
  • Apply analytic tradecraft
  • Import structured data
  • Visualize data content and derive insights from analysis

Recommended Prerequisite Skills to Opt for IBM C2065–055 certification

Before preparing for this Certification, a fundamental understanding of the following is recommended and expected:

  • Knowledge of structured file formats such as .txt, .csv and .xls

How to Get Success in the IBM C2065–055 Exam?

As you prepare for IBM Certified Analyst — i2 Analysts Notebook V9 exam, keep in mind that your success depends on more than solely passing your exam. As you study, remembering the theories should not be a preference. Rather, focus on learning how to understand and practice what you have learned.

1. Create a Study Plan and Strictly Follow It

Before you begin your exam preparation, create a study schedule that will go with your learning method. After that, you can make an easy-to-understand study plan. Don’t be in a hurry to cover all the exam syllabus topics at the last moment, as this isn’t a smart approach to pass the exam. Rather, you can assign at least 1 hour every day for many weeks for studying. Optionally, if you don’t have sufficient time, you can designate a couple of hours every weekend. However, don’t overstudy as your brain can’t soak much information at the same time.

2. Understand IBM C2065–055 Exam

This is another excellent approach for passing your certification exam in the first try. Exploring the exam is the first thing you require to do before you start your preparation method. Understanding the exam syllabus will work as your study guide. Knowing basic information, for instance, the time duration given to finish the exam and its question formats, no. of questions is necessary. This is because you’ll be confident to take the certification exam since you won’t be disturbed by what you notice.

IBM C2065–055 Exam Objectives:

  • Core Application Knowledge
  • Manual Chart Creation
  • Import Data
  • Analyze Charts
  • Presentation of Analytical Results

3. Determine Your Best Learning Method

It’s important to understand your best learning method, particularly for the IBM certification exams. Knowing how to study best will help you in the line up your preparation with the temperament of your mind. Learning methods concern the conditions via which the applicants perceive that they study in a great way. Some of these methods involve auditory, visual, and also tactile learning.

4. Create a Learning Routine and Assure You Follow to It

During your IBM exam preparation journey, make sure your studying space is a place where you feel it’s adequate. The environment should help you to concentrate on your studies. You’ll be able to soak up sufficient information when there are no distractions. Also, don’t use an uncomfortable chair or study from the shadowy study space. Figure out if you study well when listening to calm music or learning in peace. Your study place should be a pleasant room that helps you to concentrate and study.

5. Take IBM C2065–055 Practice Tests to Know Your Weak Areas

Taking practice tests is an excellent way to pass your certification test on the first try is helpful. This is because practice tests will facilitate you in knowing your weak areas. It also helps you make a study plan to lessen knowledge gaps. Answer as many practice questions as possible to measure your preparation process. For instance, you can take timed IBM C2065–055 practice tests to help you in having an experience of how the real exam looks like.

6. Be Prepared for the Exam Day

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