5 Quick Test Preparation for Your Next GIAC GPEN Exam

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The GIAC Penetration Tester, GPEN, is an advanced level certification that proves a professional’s skill to use best practice methods and techniques to carry out a penetration test. GPEN’s are responsible for evaluating target networks and systems to discover security vulnerabilities and have the understanding and skills to exploits and involve in thorough reconnaissance and to apply a process-oriented approach to penetration testing projects.

Why Get GIAC GPEN Certification?

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GPEN holders have proved their skill to carry out penetration-testing methodologies and adequately carry out a penetration test, along with best-practice technical and non-technical techniques specific to undertake a penetration test. Professionals holding the GPEN are competent for job responsibilities involving evaluating target networks and systems to find security vulnerabilities.

5 Quick Test Preparation for Your Next GIAC GPEN Exam

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Make a Study Plan

  • How much study material do you require to include?
  • Do you have any other responsibilities during the study period?
  • What is the structure of the GPEN exam?
  • How significant is the exam?
  • What is your score target for the exam?

To prepare the study plan, map out all material and make a schedule showing what, when, and how much you will study every day. If you have kept up with the exam syllabus, studying will entail a revision of the resources that you have already studied. If you are behind in the studies, you will have to complete the readings and other work before starting the revision. You must decide what is most important for the exam.

Schedule Your Exam

Make an Index

Perform GPEN Practice Tests

These practice tests will also give you feedback about the various exam topics. During the practice tests, you can also get instant feedback about wrong answers. Taking one of the practice with your index and books only (no internet) is also a right way of checking the quality of your index. Along with official practice tests, there are many online websites that provide updated and reliable GPEN practice tests.


Keep a positive approach to the exam. Think of it as a way to prove your knowledge and not as some imposing test. Go to the exam-focused and relaxed — you have done the work, now it’s time to get the rewards.

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