5 Golden Keys to Open CompTIA Security+ Door

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CompTIA is an organization famous for training and certifying IT professionals. Its certification program is vendor-neutral, i.e., it confirms a broad range of skillsets that are beneficial for working with IT products over several vendors. The CompTIA certifications are classified into four major categories according to the skills set as follows: core, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and there are also additional professional certifications. This article will emphasize one of the certifications under the core category — CompTIA Security+. You will also get information on how to pass the exam associated with this certification and how it will be beneficial to your IT career.

Now, let’s start with what CompTIA Security+ certification is.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Overview

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Get on the Cybersecurity Track with CompTIA Security+ Certification

To gain this certification, the applicant requires to pass the SY0–501 exam. This exam is performance-based and also relishes approval from the US DoD. Although there are no prerequisites needed to sit for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, it is recommended that applicants who are interested in attempting this exam should obtain the Network+ certification from CompTIA first. Also, the applicants who have at least two years of experience in IT administration with an emphasis on security have the advantage when taking the SY0–501 exam.

CompTIA Security+ SY0–501 Exam Objectives

The areas measured in CompTIA SY0–501 exam include the following:

  • Technologies and tools (22%)
  • Architecture and design (15%)
  • Identity and Access Management (16%)
  • Risk management (14%)
  • Cryptography and PKI (12%)

8 Benefits of CompTIA Security+ Certification:

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How to Prepare for SY0–501 Exam?

5 Golden Keys to Open CompTIA Security+ Door

1. Take Official Training

2. Books

3. CompTIA Security+ Practice Exam

4. Exam Preparation Videos

5. Join Online Forums


The CompTIA Security+ certification validates your core security skills and empowers you to shape a career in cyber security field. To obtain this certification, you should sit for the SY0–501 exam and pass it successfully. Enhance your preparation by adopting other effective methods to pass your certification exam. And keep in mind that the Security+ certification allows you to obtain additional related certifications of the higher level, such as CompTIA CySA+ and PenTest+. So, move your career to the next level now!

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